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How To Develop Working System Of Motivation Of Sales

There are no achievement tools

Here it is a question that the seller should have an understanding of how it can reach the aim laid down for its. And here will enter as knowledge of technologies of the sales, allowing to influence decision-making by the client. I.e. that at the expense of what we can raise internal motivation. And presence in “his head” of the scheme of search and attraction of clients, i.e. how it can influence increase in volumes. For example, if the seller does not understand that to involve 20 new clients it needs to make a minimum so much calls, to spend a minimum so much meetings this purpose seems to it unattainable. And having made some calls and having received as much refusals. It completely loses any motivation to work.
There is no reinforcement of the necessary actions

It concerns the companies in which the increase in personal sales volumes in any way is not supported with the seller. And it is connected or with absence in general any binding of incomes of the seller to results. Or presence of the flexible plan of sales which constantly increases at preservation of the sum of a bonus. I.e. the seller, despite a constant personal gain of results does not increase the incomes.

At once I will tell that it will be a question of system of motivation of the sellers which main objective to stimulate increase in sales volumes. After all there can be absolutely other purposes before the company: the profit increase, increase in a share of the market etc. And system of motivation taking into account these purposes will be perfect another. But it is a theme of separate article.

So, if we need to stimulate sellers on increase in sales volumes, we need to answer following questions:

1. The seller in month, quarter, year that the company could reach the strategic problems how much should sell?

It is very important point. Since one of the basic errors is to carry out planning proceeding from that, sellers how much sold earlier. Such policy does not assume any growth. Also approaches for the companies which have reached the of “a manufacture ceiling

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