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How Successfully To Enclose One Million Dollars?

Acquisition of prestigious real estate is successful placing of money. It is good to have apartment in Paris, a small house in the Alps or a country house at coast of Mediterranean sea. Such purchasing is fine the decision! It is stable, without any surprises, the market checked up in the years and a subject of investments. The Earth and structures on it, as a rule, always only rise in price.

After all it is a question of real estate not as the object of using, but as the high liquidity goods. Liquidity of apartment in the European capital or country houses on a recognized resort rises in price, if it is connected with names of their previous owners and it is desirable, world-wide well-known names. And not necessarily it should be apartments. If you prove that in this ordinary-looking penthouse in Paris at the beginning of foggy there lives Pablo Picasso ? that the prices of it will be huge!

By the way, about the Balearic Islands, despite cultural monuments and rich history for many long years it was a poor province. It was necessary to do something. Spaniards began to develop tourism and in every possible way to praise a climate. Now people own here have country houses, like known actors, sportsmen and photo models: Michael Douglas, Claudia Shiffer, Michael Schumacher and many others ?. The prices for sites have grown astronomically.

The cost of property repeatedly increases thanks to “the loud” neighborhood. “Summer residence” purchasing near the Michael or Shiffer is not cheap, but it then can be sold for good money for the same reason ? the VIP-neighborhood!

Or you can purchase a site on the Moon! It became possible when in 1980 Dennis Hope has absolutely lawfully registered an ownership right on the Moon, Mars, Venus and other objects of Solar system, except the Earth and the Sun. Perfect idiocy of laws, but the fact remains! And to make purchasing simply: glance on a site ?Lunar embassy? and you can also arrange there a transaction. And the prices here, just, not so high: from hundreds dollars for simple “estate” to several thousand for the whole lunar city.

Among lunar owners are not only extravagant stars of Hollywood, but also simply far-sighted people. Yes, now it is a trick. And in 250 years there people will reach rather particularly and even will find on your site lunar platinum or gold. And your descendants will admire your foresight.

About the art subjects

And here thorough preparation is necessary! This area both is very extensive, and is very risky. Acquire, at first, at least a pair of beautiful and original “knickknacks”. Standing in an office or house interior, they will underline among other things your individuality. Well and if it is pleasant to you then in due course you will understand and determine where and what to buy (certainly, by means of recognized experts).

The times when governments have been flooding people with all types of grants are over. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one should forget the idea of getting small business grants.

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