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How It Is Better To Invest Money?

The situation in world economy allows us to tell that we have reached or have come nearer to a recession bottom, as the newspaper writes. Hence, now is actually the unique moment for purchasing of cheap assets, such as shares, bonds, the enterprises or real estate.

As all of us different also the approach to an investment tool choice should be individual, the analyst speaks. At a choice it is necessary to take into consideration investment horizon (term of an investment of money), tolerance to risk and an amount of money which is available. A main objective of drawing up of an investment portfolio is risk diversification. That is, it is necessary to choose at once some tools, thus reducing potential losses from one investment and smoothing portfolio growth in general, Tatyana Chub speaks.

For any person, without dependence from that how much the person has saved and the most effective the following portfolio will be. The part of money goes to unit investment trusts, the part should be put on a bank deposit and the remained means to store on the bank account (and, it is desirable, in several different currencies, besides for a diversification).

Investment funds

Because of strong falling of a stock value and bonds of the enterprises now it is a good time for investment in unit investment trusts, in particular in funds of shares and bonds.

Cost of these assets will increase proportionally to restoration of real economy and stock market growth.

Other important point consists in that in investment fund the professional who, unlike the clients, constantly traces tendencies in the market disposes of your money, at times has possibility to pass in other classes of assets (for example from bonds in bank metals, deposits etc), and also supervises profitableness, trying to minimize unprofitableness of investments. However it is necessary to remember that fund certificates should be bought with calculation of an exit from it in 3-5 years. This tool is considered risky enough for this reason expert advises to put in it only a part of accessible means, the size of dependence on propensity to risk.

Bank contributions
The deposit is the most conservative tool having limited period of validity and established profitableness. In present conditions the expert advises to pay attention to major banks with serious shareholders, whether it is the state, foreign bank or financially-industrial group in the country. Naturally, being in a good financial condition it is not necessary to pursue too high rates.

On the deposit (it can be one or the several ? for different terms and in different currency), the expert recommends to put the most part of spare cash. It is not necessary to store money in a stocking or under a mattress.

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