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?he Decision-making Scheme Of The Sales

The manager working with dealers, the building organisations, the erection teams, engaged in private building, should before “input” to the client collect the maximum information about him:

1. Type of the client (on classification ???)
2. Requirements of each important person for the company
3. The general situation with the competitors and with competitors of the client
4. The risks in work with you and in work with the existing supplier.
5. His strong sides and weaknesses
6. Strategy and the company purposes
7. The person, the making decision, his character and requirements
8. Persons are agents of influence and their requirement with characters
9. Often arising PROBLEMS
10. Who can become your “conductor” in the company
11. Problems and requirements of agents of influence: managers, masters on gaugings, chiefs of the company, foremen etc.

The manager should know the decision-making scheme in the company of the client, know the person, the making decision, and also people who can affect both positive and negative on the transaction conclusion ? agents of influence.

Agents of influence can be much only with different indicators. One will influence a course of events positively, others ? is negative. For example, the manager on purchases at your client will be most likely ?? with a sign “minus” since such employee often sits on the place, regularly receiving recoils and presents from suppliers. Him respect and esteem, and he will need to pass all this way in your company at first.

Such category of employees of your clients (for example dealers) as managers can quite become ?? with a sign “plus”. Having got acquainted with them, and having told that windows can be sold easily that there are very simple and reliable techniques on sales that your company even has written corresponding instructions for managers of the clients ? you for certain we will get in such manager not simply ??, and it can become yours of conductors in the company ? the client. Such conductor gives for you the necessary information which we list more low.

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