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Do Consumers Now Search For Local Business Information Mostly Online?

If you’re a business owner, you need to be aware of the fact that 80% of consumers are now trying to find local business information online. Because of that, all across America a similar scene is playing out:

People are finding a thick book- the Yellow Pages- near their front door. In the old days they would take this thick, heavy book out of the plastic bag it arrived in and find a place for the book on a shelf somewhere. (If they have a dog, the plastic bag then is used for dispensing of dog poo during a walk).

Then they would take out the old book and hopefully drive to a public shopping center parking lot where a recycling bin is located. This scenario is played out a few times throughout the year depending on the size of the city they live in (various area yellow books are delivered several times during the year in big cities).

But something interesting has taken place over the past 2-3 years. Many Americans are bypassing a step in the detailed process mentioned above. I do it. My friends are doing it, and many of my neighbors are now doing it.

That beloved Yellow book that we’ve been referring to our entire lives is now going straight to the recycle bin (us dog owners are still saving the plastic bag though!).

With so many Americans now conducting their local business search online, they just don’t need that big yellow book anymore.

And it isn’t just the Yellow Pages that we’re not paying attention to. Have you taken a look at the classifieds in your local newspaper (that is if you still get the newspaper)? There’s not much to them these days.

How about the direct mailings and flyers you get? Do you even look at them? I tend to pay a little more attention to these because I still find current local business discounts or information that is useful. But for the most part, they find their way into the trash rather quickly.

The point (or question) is this: With so many people- consumers- now searching online for information concerning local businesses, why on earth would a business continue to advertise and pay full prices for other forms of advertising?

Answer 1: There is still a percentage of people- mostly the older generation- searching for information in media forms such as the Yellow Pages, the newspaper, direct mailings, etc. There is business to be found.

Answer 2: Not all consumers are comfortable yet trying to locate information online.

Answer 3: Few businesses really know how to effectively market their websites online so they end up advertising like they always have.

Obviously for those businesses not getting the online presence they need, they have to figure it out soon, because the number of consumers who will find local business information online is only going up. Fortunately there are many online services that can help them with SEO instructions.

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