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Development Of The Infrastructure Of Small Business Support In United States.

The infrastructure of support and development of small business in New York covers wide sections of the state, regional and urban organizations interacting with local self-government institutions, public and private organizations, associations of businessmen and the separate companies. The leading part in development of an urban small-scale business is played by The Department of Small Business Services?DSBS created in 2002 at the mayoralty of New York. Already in 2003 DSBS was consolidated with urban Department of Employment-DE, having generated uniform urban agency DSBS and meeting requirements of small business and their workers.

DSBS ensures the decision of all problems of Small Business (SB), actively interacts with government bodies of various levels. DSBS helps businessmen to receive necessary permissions and licenses, promotes reception of financial resources, participates in competitions on placing of state orders in SB sector and also make the competition for the business grants. This department closely interacts with ethnic communities and public organizations in all corners of a city, trying to strengthen friendship of all fellow citizens to business.

The important line of business DSBS is the help to businessmen in development of new kinds of productions, in expansion of commercial activity, in economic development of separate urban areas and suburbs, and also in attraction of the qualified manpower. The department participates in actions for employment rehabilitation in a city, realizes a number of curriculums on preparation of experts for various spheres of business, and also promotes in search of the qualified experts and their employment under demands of employers.

Besides, DSBS assists businessmen in adjustment of business ties with the state organizations and city public utilities. With the purposes of the accelerated economic development and revival of commercial activity in various parts of New York DSBS closely interacts with an extensive network of urban structures of support of SB. This network includes 81 Local Development Corporations – LDCs, 56 of Business Improvement Districts – BIDs, 17 of Industrial Business Zones-IBZ, 11 Empire Zones-EZs and 9 industrial parks.

In 2004 at the initiative of the mayoralty at DSBS agency of NY? Business Solutions – NY?-BS has been organized. This agency co-ordinates support and development of SB by means of 8 business centers possessed in various parts of a city.

Direct rendering of comprehensive services for SB in all administrative divisions is carried out through a network of the authorized structures of support of SB and other urban agencies. According to development strategy of city NYC-BS renders financial, technical, consulting and organizational support of the enterprise initiatives promoting harmonious development of urban economy and an inhabitancy.

A number of concrete measures on stimulation of initiative activity of SB in all administrative divisions of New York was developed by New York City Industrial Development Agency?NYCIDA which is the state company created as a part of corporation NYCEDC. This agency promotes economic development of administrative divisions and inhabited in them inhabited, industrial and commercial zones. The agency helps in setting of private enterprises and nonprofit institutions to create the branches in New York, to expand scales of their activity, saving active jobs and creating the new.

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