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How to prepare for conversation with the venture investor

1. Test the idea in advance

The director for investments of fund of business angels AddVenture recommends before a meeting with the investor to talk with a great number of experts and potential customers, for example, at branch conferences. It is necessary to test the ideas. It is impossible, sitting in a tower from an ivory, to think up a wonderful product.

2. State project essence clearly and understandable

Before the investor would like to list through the multipage pages of business plan if it is available, it is necessary to explain an idea essence in briefly. At the same time to realize idea more accurately. Determination should be clear, short and clinging. Examples: ?CatTube ? YouTube about cats?. A?Insales is the system of construction of Internet shops in two cliques?. ? is an on-line-control system of the personal finance ? your personal financial officer?.

3. Speak particularly

From mere allegations like ?we will earn on advertizing? investors for the last years have got a bit tired. Before convincing the investor in the potential of the idea, calculate ?on fingers? on what it is possible particularly to earn. Some experts advise to prove figure analytics, similar projects (?We will have 5 million users, 1 % from them will purchase the expanded account for $10 a month, it will provide $50 000 revenues in a month?).

Don’t ignore world experience. It is necessary to tell that is already made: whether there is a prototype, preliminary arrangements with partners. Otherwise the presentation will look as project or the imagination torn off from the market. References to conversations with the guru in the given theme or heads of the big companies are important too.

4. Tell about a command

Any bright idea grows dim, if there is no command which is capable to embody it. Convince the investor that your command is like this. The managing director of fund notices that in a command should be not only specialists in one field, but also the person that understands component of business. So, if you open Internet shop, it is quite good to have in a command of the former manager of a retail network or supplier company. Necessarily refer to the previous experience of team members in business, in promotion of startups, in industry. He advises also to show that the command with a head has dived into the project, having put up the personal money, having left from the previous work, were spending nights at office ?

5. Trust

The general director of fund DST the owner of few companies, advises: the businessman on interview to the investor in no event shouldn’t speak about an exit from business. Whether the investor will believe in your idea if you already start planning how you will throw this business?

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