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Concept Of The Investment Project, Its Kinds And Life Cycle

If you want to find for your business start up the investor which could invest some financial resources in your projects then you should know how to make everything properly and what kinds of investment there are so you should definitely know what exactly business plan and business strategy you should conclude for getting this very financial aid. That is why it will be interesting for you to read this article.

Realization of the purposes of investment assumes forming of investment projects which provide investors and other project participants with the necessary information for decision making about investment.

The concept of the investment project is treated doubly:

1. As the activity (event) assuming realization of a complex of any actions, definite purposes providing achievement;

2. As the system including a certain kit of organization-legal also and settlement-financial records necessary for realization or describing of actions.

There are various classifications of investment projects. Depending on the signs taken as a principle of classification, it is possible to allocate following kinds of investment projects.

Under the relation to each other:

* independent supposing simultaneous and separate realization and characteristics of their realization don’t influence against each other;

* mutually exclusive i.e. not supposing simultaneous realization. In practice such projects often carry out the same function. From set of alternative projects one can be only performed;

* the investment which complementary realization can occur only jointly.

It is also divided on realization terms (creations and functioning):

* short-term (till 3 years);

* medium-term (3?5 years);

* long-term (over 5 years).

Also divided on scales (more often the project scale is determined by the size of investments):

* the small projects, which action is limited to frameworks of one small firm implementing the project. Basically they represent plans of expansion of production and increase in assortment of issued goods. They are distinguished by rather small terms of realization;

* average projects – it is more often projects of reconstruction and modernization of existing production. They are implemented stage by stage, on separate productions, in strict compliance with in advance developed schedules of receipt of all kinds of resources;

* large-scale projects ? projects of large enterprises in which basis is ?the new idea? of productions necessary for satisfaction of demand in the internal and external markets;

* megaprojects – it is the target investment programs containing set of interconnected final projects. Such programs can be international, state and regional.

It is also divided on the basic orientation:

* the commercial projects which chief goal is profit earning;

* the social projects focused, for example, on the problem resolution of unemployment in region.

* the ecological projects, which basis are constituted by inhabitancy improvement;

* others

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