Online Campaigns, Online Advertisement and Common Sense


“Push” is especially important when the goods do not cause a keen interest, or it is very similar to competitive trade marks. In advertisements bright, bright effects that they were allocated can be used and were more appreciable, or it is possible to use effect of contrast, for example, to use colour press while competitors use the black-and-white. For the purpose of sales promotion in shop the goods can be exposed at level of eyes. Originality also is “push”.
How to clear interest?

Interest is generated by curiosity. Curiosity can be excited the message which will contain in questions. As soon as there was an interest, it is necessary for keeping long enough to reach a message essence. How to inform the message? The sequence in a message statement can be a determinative, for example, in advertising by good reception is the statement of any history.

How to clear desire ? As the message should convince people of necessity to buy?
The incentive motive is an internal force which induces people to certain behaviour. Some various motives can influence the person during any certain moment. One motives influence more strongly than others, but from time to time the scheme varies, influencing consumer behaviour, for example, the one who plans holiday, can show heightened interest to suitcase purchase. The one who wishes to sell something, those motives which define desires of the buyer, and also those frameworks in which he wishes to realise these desires should worry. In the message on sale it is necessary to use these motivators, having defined consumer motive and proving necessity of purchase.

How to finish sales?
The most part of methods of end of sales includes use of the closed questions and expectation of the answer of the buyer. There is a number of strategy on end of sales. The most widespread is the following:
The alternative question. Do not offer a choice between the answer “yes” or “I do not know”. Avoid a question:

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