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Purchasing the right telephone system for your company involves some important decisions as that telephone system will be used to forge the close links between your business and your clients. Should you make a poor decision and purchase the wrong phone system, it could harm your business by impeding your communications with your clients. To purchase the right system you need to spend a little time understanding what it is you need in a telephone to find the one that best suits your needs. Here are some points to consider before buying:

- How many calls does your current system need to manage and is that a number that is likely to increase?

- Do you have any equipment or software that needs to be compatible with the new telephone system?

- Can you make a list of special features that you would like your phone system to have?

You also need to have a good handle on how many trunks and how many extensions you are going to need to fulfill your current needs as well as your future telephone needs. Trunks are outside lines and extensions are the lines used by modems, fax machines, and, of course, individual handsets. There will always be more trunks than extensions as many extensions can feed through a trunk. However, if you have too many extensions for the trunks to handle, your telephones will constantly be ?busy.? This will frustrate clients who will need to constantly call back to get their call through.

In all probability, you are a little unsure as to what kind of system will best suit your company?s needs. You will need to speak to a representative from a telephone company that supplies business telephone services. There are many suppliers in the market since it was liberalized, making your decision as to which company with which to speak a little harder. There are a few things you need to remember before you choose the best company for your needs:

- Is this a well known company with a good reputation and what credentials does the younger company that you may be considering have to offer?

- Will the package that your supplier provides include all of the cables and hardware you will need?

- What support and maintenance costs are involved?

- Can your new supplier provide training? If so, what is the cost for such training?

Do not hesitate to contact several suppliers when deciding who to sign up with. Ask them to provide demonstrations of their telephone systems and always negotiate on prices. If you are signing up for a long period of time then be sure to thoroughly check through the terms and conditions of the agreement so as to ascertain what your rights are should you feel that the standards of the service have dropped below an acceptable level.

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