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Business Strategy: Look At Yourself From Outside

If you want to be the successful businessman, but you don?t have the sufficient capital to start it, you can?t always count on the state grants and financial help of the rich investor, but still you have to know of how to convince them to give you that money and get you business started. So you need to have intelligent and creative thinking.

The future is undefined and will not be such as the present. Strategic decision demands switching on other rules of the analysis. It is actually necessary to “rise” over the present and “to change a point of view”.

Any attempt to base the actions only on a current condition is economically inefficient. It does not mean that it is necessary to refuse from strategic planning. Practice has confirmed necessity and such approach; however it is necessary to try:

* to anticipate possible consequences of current events;

* to plan certain events in the future;

* to consider variants of possible risk.

The changes generating future state, it is possible to find out only by regular search. Between basic opening and their consequences the time interval lies, but for concrete areas of production of a consequence are predicted.

Basically the manager is occupied by the decision of private tasks with the limited kit of influencing factors. Strategic decision demands instant switching on other rules of the analysis and development of variants of the decision.

Neither results, nor resources do not exist in the organization. It is not so easy to see from within, for what the firm receives money. It is necessary to try to look at the business from outside. The attention of the head aimed only in the organization, will not give effective results at accepting of strategic decisions. In itself the organization does not give profit, there are only expenses.

Profit gives the market and consumers. It is possible to find the finance, the new equipment and materials only outside of the enterprise. Some doubts can arise concerning knowledge and it is the major resource. But also with reference to the given area it is possible to notice that escalating of knowledge is connected with attraction of additional specialists or personnel training in other organizations. Besides, it is necessary to remember that knowledge is a public resource and them it is impossible to keep long time in a secret.

Thus, results of business depend from external in relation to the enterprise of sphere, resources and the possibilities involved from the outside.

It is possible to reach results with the use of possibilities, instead of the problem resolution. The problem resolution is usual provides restoration of rates of activity. At the expense of it the head at the best reaches removals of current limiting restrictions. Strategic results are provided with use of the casual or prepared possibilities. The found out possibilities should be used immediately, having concentrated in the given direction of resources and efforts. The manager should distinguish in time the arisen chance and to concentrate attention of workers of the enterprise to this line of business.

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