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Business Strategy: How To Start The Successful Business.

If you want to start you own business and you don?t? have enough monetary resources for it there is always a way out from it as you can always refer for help to the state and get the state grant, but if you wan to get it you will need to have a successful business idea and business plan and you business should be also well organized that is why I wan to help you and teach you of how to plan everything correctly and keep it all under control.

In 1979 L.Graner has allocated five stages of the organizational development, divided by crisis intervals:

1. The stage of development based on creativity. The stage begins at the moment of origin of the company and covers the period of product development, studying of its market outlet. Thus the organizational structure of the company has more likely informal character. Necessity of application of new knowledge, the weak internal control become the reason of the first crisis.

2. The stage of development based on a management. Overcoming of crisis of leadership transfer the company in organizational growth. Here work is accurately planned, professional management is involved. However the bureaucratic structure limits creativity of an average control link that becomes the reason of the second crisis.

3. The stage of development based on delegation. Structural adjustment gives the chance to expand ?a power interval? average and first levels. It increases company potential, stimulates its development, but also becomes the reason of the next crisis.

4. The stage of development based on coordination. Control crisis is overcome through coordination of functioning of divisions of the company. During the given period the strategic divisions having high degree of independence at the rigid control from the center are allocated. It gives a new impulse to development, but gradually leads to growth of contradictions between strategic divisions and other structures (crisis of internal border).

5. The stage of development based on cooperation. The great skill of psychologists and the higher managers for overcoming of interpersonal conflicts is also required. Collective consolidation is under construction on the basis of a generality of interests, uniform values. The cycle of development of the company comes to the end with this stage, then because of psychological weariness (all are tired to work as a uniform command) there is a requirement for the first stage ? developments of new types of activity, personal contact and an informal management.

Necessity of changes for the organization arises irrespective of ideology of its development. However character of performed changes essentially influences duration of separate stages of development, efficiency of activity of the company. Experience shows that the organization can exist without strategic management. In this sense strategic management acts as a stimulator of activity of the company.

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