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Business Start: Let Minimize Expenses

How to organize the business with a minimum of expenses and capital investments? Few businessmen who begun business about one year ago, have told about business start, how to do it on minimum expenses and also why in work of the new companies they use Internet services and what of them are most useful.

The first company is the analog of Foursquare ? defines a site of the user by data from a mobile phone or the computer and allows sharing this information with friends. If there is no information from the companion, positioning on a mobile network or signal Wi-Fi is used. One of founders says that its company in all critical business processes is necessary in Internet services because Internet infrastructure clouds works obviously better, than the self-made decision. The startup needs to grow very quickly, and there is no time and money, for example, on purchase of servers: it is always better to direct available assets on operational expenses.

The basic resource of its company is programmers who by working out create the design documentation and exchange it. For work ordering, and also tracing of a course of projects and problems at first began to use system Basecamp, and then partially have passed to more difficult Acunote which approaches for management of processes in the company.

For management of internal documents system Confluence is used. Instead of purchase of expensive servers it is possible to rent capacities at hosting-service Amazon Elastic Cloud. It raises also reliability of all system that is especially important ? after all large corporate users make very high demands to reliability. Service Amazon allows increasing necessary resources during short time, expenses do not exceed $2000 a month, and thus it is not necessary to buy the equipment and to operate a difficult infrastructure. For the adjustment of Internet services one manager, but also the non-staff employee all the same is necessary.

The second company is travel agency which offers the services only in social networks. The general director says that business is based on ability to present a tourist product so that the client could choose only that is necessary to him. In total in the company there are six persons whereas at the office two managers work, the uniform platform in the Internet therefore is necessary. The director already had an experience with Internet service which helps to organize work of employees, and also allows storing contact information of clients and electronic copies of contracts.

At creation of own company the habit has worked ? at once have decided to use internet product and now at the repeated reference of the client of any of managers can easily use the personal data for fast registration of the order. Employees plan here the working day and holiday time, and still system co-ordinate is used for marketing, advertising and for company development. For example, in it special projects for management of group Face book and Twitter are got, and also there are problems on search of new employees. There is a statement of budgets and work forward planning. Six working licenses of system stand less than $50 a month. So now you see that you don?t need a lot of money to do your business.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one should get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with wise attitude; small business grants including.

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