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Business Planning And Business Financing

What is the business planning?

Business planning: why is it necessary?

Advantages of business planning?

On all these questions we are going to answer in this article that is why you should defenately keep reading it.

Business planning represents process of writing of the business plan in which two concerned parties can take part: the investor who wants to estimate efficiency of an investment of means, and contractors, on behalf of advisers or the enterprise personnel.

First of all, business planning is necessary for the investor as the destiny of its enterprise; for this reason it depends on it that business planning shouldn’t occur without direct participation of the investor. It would be incorrectly simple to order of writing of the business plan to the adviser or completely to entrust it to the personnel of the enterprise and to separate from the process.

The basic advantages which are given to the businessman by business planning:

* it gives the chance to consider and arrange accurately the ideas, to check up their viability on a paper on a settle way;

* such paper (virtual) variant of check of idea finally will save the businessman from set of errors and unnecessary costs, will help to safe additional money, time and nerves;

* it allows the businessman to understand much better is the mechanism of work of the enterprise and to act in the market environment much more effectively;
* when you finish process of a writing of the business plan it will serve you as the scheme or the card which exact following allows with greater probability to reach the planned purpose.

It is not necessary to think that simply enough to pay for drawing up of the business plan of the investment project as at such approach the customer can receive enough abstract and bad variant which will inspire neither the investor nor the administration and enterprise planning thus can’t give the maximum effect.

Business planning will originally demand great strengths, means, efforts and time on collection and information processing and the subsequent financial planning of the enterprise is much simpler as demands only timely periodic entering of additions and changes for the current plan and also timely reaction to a market situation.

Summarizing all above-stated, it is possible to tell that costs for business planning is the most favourable investment.

Writing the business plan independently.

Disadvantages and advantages


* you can not know how to write the business plan and not to possess sufficient vocational training and knowledge for preparation of the competent project or for you considerable costs of time and forces for self-education can be necessary;

* you can not have enough time on to deep in the correct logic of process and independent preparation of the project;

* Almost for certain there are doubts that you will make everything correctly.


* This variant is the cheapest one;

* you will have to understand all details of the project that will give the chance to you to understand very well the mechanism of functioning of the enterprise and will make a business management more competent and effective so for certain will bring also quite tangible results;

* you will know how to write the business plan.

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