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Business Plan: Planning Of Business And The Investment Project Part 2

I. German sample of business plan

1. The resume

2. The enterprise description in general

The previous activity of the enterprise.

The enterprise future.

Relations of ownership and contracts.

3. Key positions of the firm organization

Key position statement – the enterprise purposes.

The structural organization of the enterprise.

Personnel structure.

4. Items and services

Descriptions of items and services.

The competitive list of items, service.

Volume of release of items and services.

The possible relation of investors to development of items, services.

Legal aid in production organizations (patents).

The activity permission.

5. Market research and the sale forecast

The description of a total market of sale of items, services.

The market segmentation description (regional, branch).

Turnover estimation.

The competitiveness analysis of items, the market.

6. Sale

Strategy of sale of items, services.

Strategy of the prices of items, services.

The organization of sale of items and services.

Events for sales increase.

Personnel use in sale sphere.

Sale costs.

7. Production

Strategy of production of items, services.

Production methods of items and services.

Machines and the equipment.

Personnel use in production.


Acquisition of materials.

8. Financing planning

Bases of planning of financing.

Liquidity planning.

The purpose and the maintenance of planning of liquidity.

The balance sheet of incomes and losses.

The purpose and the maintenance of the balance sheet of incomes and losses.

Balance sheets.

The purpose and the balance sheet maintenance.

The analysis of indicators.

Equity share.


cash flow.

Profitability of turnover.

Profitability of equity.

Return on Investment (Investments).

9. Financing

Capital need and capital utilization.

Financing means.

Financing in the past.

10. The appendix.

II. The American sample business plan

1. The cover page

The Name and the firm address.

Names and addresses of founders.

Essence of the offered project.

Project Cost (here it is possible to specify offered sources of reception of means – a share issue, loans etc.).

The Reference to privacy.

It is recommended to specify an essence of the offered project and its estimated cost on the cover page as, having such inquiry, potential investors can understand at once about what there is a speech, and how many it can cost, without reading all plan.

2. A cover page example

1. Firm “Shine”
The address: Washington
John Ashton
Co-owners: ?..

Essence of the offered project: the firm will produce cleaning in premises and organizations. The list of offered services includes washing of floors, cleaning of carpets and curtains, washing of windows, daily sweeping of floors, dust wiping, washing. Services are given on a contract basis for a period of one year. In the contract the list of offered services and periodicity of their accomplishment should make a reservation. The firm is guided basically by cleaning of small offices and medium scale enterprises.

Project cost: the loan at a rate of 20 dollars for a period of 6 years is required. This money will go on rent premises, purchasing of the office equipment and materials, hire of two minibuses, advertizing and a covering of trading costs.

The present document contains the classified information and is the property specified above co-owners of the enterprise. It is intended only for the persons who have received it from permission and the consent of co-owners. To copy and disclose its contents without written assent of firm it is not authorized.

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