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Business Plan: Planning Of Business And The Investment Project

The Business plan is the form of representation of business offers standard in world of economic practice projects containing the developed information on production, sales and financial organization activity and an estimation of prospects, conditions and forms of co-operation on the basis of the balance sheet of own economic interest of firm and interests of partners, investors, consumers, intermediaries, etc. participants of the investment project.

It is possible to allocate three basic reasons why we should plan.

- Process of drawing up of the business plan, including idea considering, forces objectively, critically and without prejudice to look at the enterprise project in all its completeness. The plan promotes prevention of errors, giving the chance to understand for what all it becomes. It is well laid route reflecting strict sequence of actions and priorities on space of limited resources.

- The business plan is that working tool which at appropriate use will help to supervise and manage effectively the enterprise that, in turn, is a success basis.

- The finished business plan is means for the message of ideas to other interested people. Qualitatively developed business plan impresses favorably people with whom it is supposed to cooperate, such, as: investors, bankers, co-owners and employees. It to the full characterizes talents and level of professionalism of the developer.

A considerable quantity of the foreign and domestic literature is devoted to questions of development of business plans; however it doesn’t mean that there are uniform, and rigidly established standards. Carrying out planning procedures, the specialist operates with a kit of the “dry” data, however planning process, the description of a way of transformation of idea in a tangible reality demand, along with the high competence, creative capabilities, first of all, because each project is in own way unique. In other words, the business plan is faster a work of art. In spite of the fact that the creative beginning really is important for planning process, there are certain principles which are enough general for developers of business plans irrespective of the country and industry of economy and according to which the business plan structure is determined.

Now there is a set of forms of business plans. Structures most often used in world economic practice:

I. International form of the business plan and it consists of:

1. The resume

2. Idea (essence) of the offered project

General initial data and conditions.

The description of the sample of the new goods.

Estimation of experience of an entrepreneurial activity.

3. A market outlet estimation?

The description of consumers of the new goods.

Estimation of competitors.

Estimation of own strong and weaknesses concerning competitors.

Estimation of own strong and weaknesses concerning competitors.

4. The marketing plan

The marketing purposes.

Marketing strategy.

Marketing plan financial provision.

5. The production plan

The manufacturer of the new goods.

Availability and required capacities of production.

Material factors of production.

The production process description.

6. The organizational plan

Organization-legal pattern of ownership of firm.

Organizational structure of firm.

Distribution of obligations.

Data on partners.

The description of an external environment of business.

Firm manpower.

Data on members of an administrative board.

7. The financial plan.

The plan of incomes and expenses.

The plan of monetary receipts and payments.

Composite balance sheet of assets and firm liabilities.

The schedule of achievement of break-even.

Financing strategy (sources of receipt of means and their use).

Risk assessment and insurance.

8. Appendices

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