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Business Plan For Attraction Of The Investor

The Business plan for attraction of the investor has its specificity. The primary goals in this case are to convince the investor of advantage for it investments in the investment project represented to him.

The Business plan for the investor usually has small volume, as a rule, it is 8-10 sheets and it has character of the short resume of the investment project. In it is the purposes of results of the conducted research of the market, the project essence, required and available resources, expected results from its realization, the basic indicators and short conclusions.

The primary goal of such resume of the business plan is to interest the investor and to force it to familiarize with the project more in detail. Investors are usual much occupied people also won’t spend the time for reading of detailed business plans for the sake of explanation of an essence of the project. And as at the investor can be a lot of offers, the first impression can appear solving. Therefore the business plan for the investor is usual written in the form of the short resume of the investment project.

If the investor will be interested in the business plan of the investment project presented by you, he would want to receive more detail information. The detailed business plan has great volume and describes all parties of the project. To convince the investor of gravity of the offer, the person representing the project, and first of all the head should show complete knowledge of all high lights of the represented investment project.

For success of presentation of the business plan of the investment project it is necessary to be prepared and try thoroughly ask a question of what you would do on a place of the investor, what questions you would set and after that find acceptable and fair answers to own questions. Besides, it is necessary to be psychologically ready to unexpected questions, the rigid criticism and the skeptical relation to the project, your competence and professional qualities.

Except return from investments of the investor the risk will interest at participation in the project and possible variants of its optimization and also possibility of the control of a state of affairs of the enterprise and actions of its management. It is necessary to consider in advance also all possible variants of participation of the parties in the project and to be specified with negotiating strategy.

And let?s mention some requirements to the business plan:

it should be written without difficult professional terminology, all should be clear and you should use simple words so everything would be readable and understandable to the investor and do not use any fancy phrases and words.

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