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Business Making: The Greatest Myths Of The Security Market Part 2

Business making: The greatest myths of the security market Part 2

So let us continue talking about the security market and its biggest myths, so here is what else you should know about profit and risk of shares. So if you are interesting in it just keep reading,
How to earn on shares with minimum risk?
Take shares with consecutive, predicted level of growth of the income: take shares level of growth of incomes that equals at least to the sum of level of current inflation and interest rates.
Put in various shares: don’t put more than 10 % of your money in the share of only one company; don’t take shares of more than two companies of the same industry.

Don’t rush with a head to the market. Allocate investments on time.

Use stop warrants to reduce risk to a minimum.

Shares with consecutive, predicted growth rates to-courses are the safest of all shares which you may purchase. They, as a rule, represent the best companies of America. The share portfolio with average coefficient of a profit increase with components at least 14 % a year has high probability to increase twice for five years. In twenty years it would increase by 1,500 %.

If you have taken shares of ten companies and limit your losses under shares of each company to 10 % using stop warrants on sale the general risk on your portfolio constitutes only 10 %. Your risk under shares of each concrete company constitutes only 1 % from all portfolios. How many kinds of the investments you can name possessing potential of growth at such limited susceptibility to risk?

So and now comes the Myth:

It is necessary to take shares when their rate decreases, and to sell, when it grows

There is a popular belief that if to buy securities when they are cheapest and to sell them when they are expensive it for certain will make profit. This true it is not so refutable. However it seems to many investors that if shares go down in price, they cheap and if grow in the price, the expensive. They take shares when their rate decreases, and sell, when it grows. It is the big error. Shares buy counting so that those will start to grow in the price. If share price decreases, means, it is time to – start up the miscalculation. That is, basically, it is logical to take those shares which price grows. Moreover, it is better to take shares when their price will exceed a former top mark. When there will be no dissatisfied share holders ready at any moment to throw out the shares on the market on cheap stuff. If shares are really estimated they should have brilliant prospects.

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