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Business Making: Offshore – Questions And Answers Part 2

Character of represented documents. Let it is even not that much important, but the lawyer who respect working thoroughly and for a long time won’t sell to you documents of the international company in the rumpled envelope from under mail in which they have come from any “Brazil, where many wild monkeys live”, or ostensibly of the American documents printed on a paper of European format.

At coincidence of parameters on all previous points the basic indicator is the price. The best recommendations are withdrawals of your acquaintances.

If you were interested in company services and its price policy, you should have arranged before to make the official order, agree about a meeting and pay attention to office of the company, its employees, availability of the advertising booklet, i.e. try to be convinced that the company doesn’t concern the category of the “firms-something ephemeral” moving from office in office. You can inquire also from the company the registration certificate and the charter – this sort of information isn’t confidential and should be accessible to all interested persons.

At last, recommendations of your acquaintances that once have used company services, too can serve as an indicator of its reliability.

On what depend cost of services in registration of offshore company and paternal?

Cost of services develops of several factors: an admission fee in the concrete country, the cost value of a legal address of the registered companies, popularity of registering firm in a country of incorporation, a railroad train of the offered complete set of documents and degree of its legalization, necessity to be spent for services of nominee directors and-or shareholders, at last, a law firm work experience in which you have addressed also wholesale turnover of the companies which she sells. At the final price to judge very difficult quality of a product since it is possible to purchase from law firm beginning the business the worst complete set of documents for the same money for which it is possible to purchase competently arranged company without problems in the future from the organization knowing the business.

Cost of services in company registration depends on several factors.

First, from jurisdiction in which you would like to register the offshore.

Secondly, from a railroad train of the complete set of documents of the company and a packet of additional services which you order: use of nominal service, bank account opening etc.

Thirdly, from the organization-legal form of the company. For example, the usual international commercial company, investment fund, a trust or the insurance company considerably differ on complexity of process of registration and, accordingly, at the prices.

Certainly, cost of services in registration depends on price policy of the legal company to which you address.

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