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Business Making: Offshore – Questions And Answers

These subjects have caused considerable interest of readers. In edition a number of the responses, testifying that “industry” of offshore business is not only a part of an infrastructure of market, but also the world economy tool.

Continuing the publication of materials on the given subjects, we have interrogated some companies, rendering services in consulting in sphere of offshore business. Questions have been constituted on the basis of letters and phone calls of readers. Answers to questions of readers have been kindly given by the assistant to the general director of financial group and the lawyer of the international department of company ?Euro consult?.

On what parameters it is necessary to estimate the companies, rendering services in registration of offshore companies?

This question, generally speaking is provocative. If to reject false modesty and to take a detached view of everything it is necessary to estimate all characteristics of the company at once. The final task of the client is to receive for the minimum money a range of services as fast as possible as much as possible reaching ultimate goals with a possibility guarantee to return to the same company if there will be a necessity for reception of additional services or for the further legal support.

Work experience. It is difficult to estimate it at once since also term of registration of the law firm, and qualification of concrete employees here also influences. Usual experience is estimated during personal contact.

“Gravity” of office. There are a lot of organizations and private persons having seduced by obvious profitableness of foreign activity, try to be engaged in this serious business. Often in advertising the mobile phone which manages obviously more cheaply, than representative premises with a kit of employees with narrow specialization is given only. Here it is dangerous to pursue external cheapness of services and to appear in a year without legal support of the offshore company. If at office there is the multichannel phone, yes not one, there is a site in the Internet and e-mail, and employees of the company answer all questions operatively and it also about something speaks.

Availability of the wide developed range of services with presence of specialists in all directions: legal, banking services, transfer, notarial assurance, capability to develop difficult long-term schemes, consulting on adjacent questions should be present, at least.
Powers. A good sign at a law firm choice is availability of its own agents in the offshore countries, instead of work through intermediaries and also its powers from bank on opening of accounts without departure from the country, with reception of all means for management of the concrete account, without leaving office. It is reached as efficiency and safety in operation (at smaller cost of services), and higher degree of confidentiality.

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