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Business Making: Individual Trust Management Part 2

Except listed, there are some more strategy which depend on investment objects, management style and an income acquisition source.

1. Speculative (margined) strategy.

Strategy is intended for the investors ready to run risks and counting on profitableness reception without dependence from market conditions. The managing director actively uses price fluctuations (both during one trading session and on longer time frame) for a portfolio value addition. The list of assets for investment is limited to shares, carrying out of operations with futures and options in the urgent market are possible also. By means of this strategy it is possible to earn even in the falling market and on short-term price fluctuations. Potential return and risk of speculative strategy is maximum.

1. An investment portfolio of shares of the underestimated enterprises.

Main principle of investments is the choice of the enterprises most underestimated by the share market. These enterprises can concern any industries, the main thing that the enterprise should show stable growth and a good financial condition. A lack of shares of the majority of the enterprises is their low liquidity – small volumes of the auctions, rare transactions, the big difference between ask prices and offers and other.

3. A portfolio of perspective industries.

The portfolio is formed by a principle of a choice of those industries which during the investment period will make the greatest impact on economy. Such portfolio turns out differentiated enough and consists as far as possible of liquid shares.

4. A dividend portfolio.

Main principle of investment is the choice of preferred stocks dividends on which can be approximately counted and expectational dividend yield on which constitutes not less current rate of inflation. If forecasts of the managing director justify, the investor will receive not only a high dividend income, but also the income in the form of a gain of a course stock value.

5. An index portfolio.

“Indexation” consists in construction of a portfolio which would give the same profitableness, as the shares entering into an index of the Interbank Stock Exchange. The given strategy concerns passive strategy – “to purchase and hold”. Profitableness of an index portfolio corresponds to middle market profitableness, and the payment for management is minimum.

And even on it strategy aren’t settled. On your discretion the managing director can create a portfolio consisting of shares and bonds of the enterprises of any one most perspective industry, or only from the enterprises of your region.

For individual trust management the investor should possess enough great sum of means, only at such sums probably construction of individual strategy and creation of the differentiated portfolio. However if the managing director uses any standard strategy, for example, index which doesn’t demand active portfolio management individual management can actually become management of fund if absolutely small sums of investors unite in one portfolio. Clearly, it is not necessary to speak about individual strategy any more. Hardly such management has advantages before the share investment funds which activity is more transparent and is more strongly supervised.

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