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Business Making: Art Investments. Part 3

The following step of the armed investor is a choice of investment direction. It is necessary to orient what art directions are on peak of investment interests and what art investment only starts to be researched by the market. And it is necessary to proceed from the budget. Four years ago many considered that to lead art investment it is possible with any money. Today this phrase looks affectedness: with rather small, but not with any investment.

Times when the drawings cost 500-1 000 dollars have ended about four years ago. Today for investments into a drawing of recognized artists it is desirable to have the budget of 5-15 thousand dollars. And the schedule doesn’t need to associate exclusively with pencil drawings in size with a card.

From the investment point of view the drawing yields to painting: the prices for it usual grow with less high rates. For example, if works as oil of the conditional artist add in a year of 90 %, its drawing gets only 70 %. But in practice for the concrete artist it can turn out oppositely: at some instant more accessible so the raised demand of the schedule on growth rates can overtake painting.

With transition to the following level of the competence to painting purchasing and not only for yourself and for many long years, the collector-investor should operate, most likely, absolutely with other budgets. We will result only some price reference points in concrete directions. For example, the prices for painting of men of the sixties on a domestic market constitute today conditionally 30-200 thousand dollars for a canvas. For separate first names happens already higher. That the market remembered you as the investment collector, it is necessary, possibly to make 3?5 purchasing in a year. Whether it means that it is necessary to spend approximately from hundred thousand to a half-million of dollars a year? Perhaps and so, only it is not necessary to forget that at an investment collecting of a thing should not only arrive, but also be resold ? a part of pure costs in due course will pass in turnover.

For target investments in painting of famous artists it is required, probably, too about 200 thousand dollars in turnover from calculation that products of investment quality in this market cost from 40 thousand dollars. However, the collector not the dealer of the techniques and forced to choose purchasing amounts not to lose the status. Nobody adjusts him. Investment grade works can be acquired not for active business but in long-term personal investments he can buy one-two things in a year. At an existing conjuncture and today?s market offer you don?t need phenomenal luck that after a year or half a year after purchasing that thing has started to add in the price on 50?70 % a year.

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