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Business Making: Art Investments. Part 2

Today an educational way of the investor, probably, is even shorter. He uses services of the subscription statistics in the Internet, more developed information infrastructure, intensive exhibition process. Annually leading galleries of the world make their exhibitions. Works with the price in some millions of dollars it is possible to look not with affected delight, but also with practical interest.

As soon as the future investor will understand its feelings there is a turn of other problem like notorious forgeries. The statement that all market is filled up with art fakes doesn’t represent the facts. But really it is a lot of artificial things. About separate directions of art it is really better to forget to the beginning investor for example about avant-guard of first third of XX-th century. With this especially valuable, but a risky material really tempered people can work confidently only. Other example is works of separate known men of the sixties, and an initial price range.

Among the main commercial art events of 2006 bulletin Forbes Collector noted the sale of a canvas of Pablo Picasso ?Dora Maar with a cat? 1941 for fantastic 95,2 million dollars. It is the second work sold with auction for such a great price. And the main thing that interests is that who has purchased this canvas. However, the name still leaves unknown.

Examination of expensive works is a self-evident business. The conclusion about authenticity is required not only for increase of liquidity of work (for the future sale), but also for its estimation (if it is required to use a thing as pledge). Another matter is that the examination institute can be compromised by numerous scandals with “the paid” conclusions. In other words, almost on each significant artist and a direction there is at least one authoritative expert whose yes means removal of all doubts in authenticity of a thing. And on the contrary, usual professional operator of the market (gallery) helps to organize circulation to the recognized expert in a direction. In general, the abundance of papers on the different forms accompanying product, shouldn’t mislead the buyer.

The blind belief in authenticity of everything that is purchased at prestigious auctions is one more dangerous error, a notorious myth. Actually skilled people without any examination are capable to calculate in the auction catalog three-four wrong attributed things and to be convinced of their doubts on preauction exhibition.

Unfortunately, possibility to be convinced of it with delay when the purchased work already will arrive to the country isn’t excluded. Its return to the auction house will be integrated to set of burdensome formalities, besides the cost burden on collection of acceptable proofs of falseness of a thing should be putted on unfortunate owner.

Morals: do not purchasing at occurrence of doubts. The original work ?will digest? sooner or later the price and becomes more expensive, whereas the forgery for a long time will spoil mood to the unlucky owner.

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