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Business Making: Art Investments. Part 1

Preselling viewings arranged by world auctions and reporting on auctions in news shown to us, yes not only on business television, but also the state channels. And world editions write about the sensational prices for art leading and already even without hackneyed hints on a theme of nouveau riches. Two of fifty loudest events of the art market in 2006, under Forbes Collector version are connected with Art events. Still there is such a high public interest to the art market all over the world that it was difficult to present. Now all has changed: purchasing of works of art has become fashionable as a beautiful method to spend money and a prestigious variant of how them to increase.

Meanwhile far not each investor reflects of entering on this market. The majority prefers to look and be surprised to another’s successes from outside. Why? Really, the market is complete of other much simpler and clear tools for investment: from shares to square meters. They aren’t capable to bring 300 % annual and it happens also not without a headache, but on the decision making mechanism you won?t name these investments especially difficult.

The art market in the information plan is much less transparent. Here you will not meet authentic quotations and schedules, the majority of transactions consist on “off-exchange” gallery market and besides the price factor has tens more nuances: authenticity, the period, liquidity, a conjuncture, etc. Investments into such conditions are a serious intellectual work. And though compensation for it consist not only of money, but also there is special pleasure from ownership of product, it is necessary to consider that decisions should be accepted often intuitively.

However, we will lay aside both pleasures, and disputes on high potential of investments into art. This clause is addressed mainly to those readers who, on the one hand, already well sign with statistics of auction selling and to whom dynamics in 300 % annual not seems casual result of a certain desperate trade and doesn’t dare to take independent steps in this market for the reasons basically psychological character and because of set of the myths traditionally surrounding any opaque system.

Most proof of myths is the necessity of having special art education. Also great fears are dedicated to so called art frauds. Actually among collectors and investors (frequently these positions are combined) practically aren’t present professionals.

The ticket of admission in system of a serious investment is accessible mainly only to average and large businessmen. However, without knowledge of a subject investment, really, it degenerates in the silly lottery based exclusively on another’s opinions. But knowledge in this question is exclusive self-education. At one university don’t learn to understand business, don’t dictate a surname of correct experts in a direction, don’t learn to be traded in a salesroom and don’t impart a scent on art frauds.
And the majority of present successful collectors and investors still in the early nineties possessed neither skills, nor practical knowledge in this business moving ahead learning on their own mistakes.

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