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Business Development And Profit Gaining Part 3

There is another example and more acceptable variant of strategy which should be considered. In this case you can invest at once a part of money, for example 5.000 or 10.000 dollars, and then every month to invest on 200-300 dollars. The given variant more perspective, but is less attractive to the person having the income less than 600 dollars a month. But if you begin to use the given strategy believe, the result in 10, 15, 20 years will be simply impressing.

I will make small deviation and I will tell about one poll which was conducted in the western investment funds. In this poll participated more than 15.000 persons. On a question “How many it is necessary money for comfortable life?” More than 20 % interrogated have answered that the sum of one million dollars is necessary for them. That the most remarkable, more than 50 % interrogated have told that the sum of 5 and more millions dollars is necessary for them.

It means that the majority of people look ahead with hope of longer investment period of time. Therefore and the statistics of investments allows to see obvious dynamics on time frame increase.

Can the third variant approach to you? It can be such! If you have enclosed today 50.000$ and monthly would invest 250 dollars a month, you would have, accordingly 180.000$, 516.000$ and 1.4 million $ after 10, 20, and 30 years of investment activity. All strategy set forth above can be performed only thanks to your discipline and simple rules.

What are the features of such investment process? Profit on interest ? here the main advantage of this kind of investment. Having got profit on the enclosed money, this profit is considered at determination of general percent of incomes from your investments. But the most remarkable in this scheme, consists in that if you invest 1.000$ and receive 10 %-s’ interest on your investment account you will get profit in 100$ in the end of the first year.

Hence, you repeatedly invest the profit and for the second year which you would begin with the sum in 1.100$, and thus already would earn profit in 110$. Surprisingly, but the percent scheme on investment has surprising results. If you invest 1.000$ under 10 % annual you can already double this sum for eight years. It is necessary as to remember that investment funds work on the average much above profitable rather than named me for an example in 10 %.

Profit earning on interest, i.e. automatic reinvesting of the received income, in my opinion, is the greatest invention of the mankind allowing to achieve the highest return from investments and to provide reliable and regular accumulating of incomes and riches creation. Moreover, this system is accessible to each of you. What is important, we don’t need to be child prodigies, geniuses and the super formed people to start to create a reserve fund using such system and to receive certain benefits and profit.

It is very crucial that government, despite this recession is not leaving to help small businesses. And small business grants can be a true helper right now.

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