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Business Development And Money Making Part 3

Considering all above stated try to consult at independent specialists in the chosen sphere of activity of the company that you have chosen. For example, if you invest in the agricultural company, independently find out a level of demand on the given kind of goods for last year-two, scopes of application (from the most profitable sphere to “reserve” variants of use of goods for return of at least enclosed means), whether insurance of investments into agricultural industry is possible, etc.

At an estimation of perspectivity of investments into new business we would recommend to you starting with the top lath of expenses and the bottom lath of incomes. The reason is simple: thus you pledge certain safety factor at level of papers, and it will be easier to company to live instability times of trouble in the beginning of life of the company.

Uniqueness of business

Try to find out, whether there are at the new company uniqueness signs, whether it opens absolutely new niche in the given market (for example, regional) or if it tries to enter into already existing segment of the market (already occupied by competitors and the generated consumer predilections). In the second case it is necessary to find out if the business project selected by you differs from similar business of the nearest competitors (on the declared segment of the market, on production volumes or sale, etc.), and whether it is enough place in the chosen market for one player, and also what are the prospects of expansion of the company.

Return from investments

Probably, most important question which you as the potential investor should discuss with representatives (managers) of the new company and fix in the agreement is how you will get profit. Find out, in which image you will get profit on the investments into the company. With what regularity? What percent from profit you will receive? When the beginning of interest payments is expected?

Whether you receive possibility of influence on decisions in the company? Whether it is possible to remove ahead of schedule your means in case of emergency necessity and at what stage it can be made? When it is necessary to warn the representative of the company about yours decision to remove means? Is it possible to include your confidential clerk in the agreement? Whether can your successors get profit instead of you? It is desirable remember every single thing? for example, to learn, than restriction of level of risks ? corporate property or still any reserve fund is provided.

The more questions you can clear before final decision of ?to invest or not to invest? the more clearly you will imagine your investment-project essence and the more rational will be your final decision. Well and the positive result in that case won’t keep itself waiting.

It is very important that government, despite this crisis is not leaving to help small businesses. And small business grants can be a real helper today.

But, surely, you should remember that today the fight for small business grants as well as for other types of grants has become more fierce. This is logical – more businesses need them. So before you start your battle for the small business grants, please make sure to visit this blog for more helpful tips about grant industry.

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