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Business Development And Money Making Part 1

Passive income. Business choice for investment.

So, you have money that is sufficient for investment in perspective, in your opinion, business, and you got few interesting business projects but there is no desire, experience, or time in it to be engaged personally. Own business demands indefatigable attention, experience, constant stay in a thick of news about activity of competitors and a lot of other things.

It is easy to become the investor if someone else will lead the business. This someone else will incur all “headache” on management of your means. You should incur risks (or a part of risks). And that these risks were less and that you in advance objectively imagined level of potential risks, to choose the invested business project it is necessary slowly. With what to begin your investment so it after some time has given the ?fruitful profit??

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the estimation of perspectivity of your investments in this or that business directly depends on: whether you invest the means in already existing business or you “enter” into business by the capital from the origin of the company. Often “pioneers” receive more favorable conditions and other bonuses along with, alas, higher risks.

Investments into business with “biography”:

In case of investments into already existing business, specialists recommend to study all important financial records of the company carefully: the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement, etc., describing a state of affairs in the company for long enough time intervals. It is desirable that this period was not less half a year, it is ideal ? for last year (to estimate “behavior” of the company taking into account seasonal fluctuations of demand, production, etc. cyclic factors). And find out the purpose of your investments in the company-profit earning. Therefore, natural your requirement to representatives of the company will give you detailed algorithm of the future actions which by means of your enclosed means can bring the companies additional profit.

Certainly, it is always more interesting to participate in creation of the company from first day of its existence. Investments into new business can be more risky, after all it is not known still for certain as it will behave in ?free swimming?. On the other hand, the investor of the new company always has more possibilities on participation in forming of strategy of development of the future company (truly it is not the fact that this participation will render beneficial influence on the company).

Anyway, it is impossible to look at the new company “from outside”. Unique sources of the information on the company and its prospects after opening are only the documents prepared by organizers (managers) of the future company.

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