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Business And Money Making: Rest, Life And Investments Into Spain.

Spain is surprisingly various and original: the hot south, cool-rainy north, sparsely populated central plateaus, hills ? It is no wonder that here everyone will find to itself a place to taste – last years the country became the most favorite place in Europe if not for a permanent residence, at least, for purchasing “the second house”.

Any large capital investment or real estate acquisition is always considered from the point of view of its preserving and augmentation. Last years have shown a solvency of the Spanish real estate market. In Spain it is possible to acquire real estate for a permanent residence or for tenancy that is very simple and easily controllable business. However, buying habitation with such purpose, it is necessary to remember that to make money from rent is favorable only with liquidity property and only in those areas where as long as possible last the resort season. These are Canary Islands, it is possible to enjoy a holiday there all year long, or Kosta of the Form or Kosta del Salt on continent where the season lasts 5-6 months, or cities with high business activity as Madrid or Barcelona.

At purchasing of apartments, at all without possessing deep knowledge of specificity of business in Spain, it is possible to receive the warranted income having concluded the lease with tourist or realtor firm.

It is favorable to invest in property, for example, a complex of apartments or a bungalow with rest zone, public pools, a garden, garages. And it is possible to purchase the big territory, to break it into separate sites and to resell, or to construct settlements of separate houses or condominiums for the subsequent sale.

Purchasing of hotel with a view of reconstruction also is the interesting operation from the point of view of profitability or resale. Certainly, the projects set forth above demand enough the big capital investments, but, considering the fact that it is possible to obtain the credit at a rate of 70-80 %, and the profit on the enclosed means will constitute an order of 30-60 % depending on project implementation term (as a rule, 1-2 years), they look attractively enough. Besides, participation in similar projects besides profit grants the right to document feeding to residence. And residential real estate purchasing warrants reception of the annual multivisa with term of stay from 90 days within 6 months.

On purchasing or real estate building the Spanish banks can give a mortgage loan for the term from 5 till 25 years under 5-6 % annual. The crediting sum basically constitutes 50 %. To repay the credit it is possible monthly or quarterly. To arrange the credit, the patronage realtor is necessary or civil engineering firm, the international passport, identification number of foreigner which you should receive in local police and the inquiry on the salary in a place of your work or the inquiry on incomes (under the Spanish legislation, the sum of monthly payments under the credit shouldn’t exceed 30 % of the monthly income).

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