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Business And Money Making: Great Methods Of Money Gaining And Investing Part 2

3) the Bank cell

When in the country the bank crisis has begun, many people have definitively lost trust to banks and have restacked money in a bank cell since the large sums to store houses is unsafe. That many banks reported that their cells are filled on 100 % testifies to it.

Conclusion: Plus of a bank cell is in that money from it can be taken at any moment. The bank answers only for integrity and protection of the cell. However the cell won’t salvage you from inflation. According to experts in 2009 inflation is expected at level of 20 %. Besides, still it is necessary for you to pay every month for a cell (quotations depend on the size of a cell)

4) Gold

Many adherents of investments buy gold ingots in hope that gold can not only insure savings from inflation, but also make profit. But count on augmentation of the savings it is possible in the event that to put only in precious metals not less than for two-three years! In short time intervals the gold price can strongly fluctuate. Last six years the gold price grew on the average on 18 % a year and under forecasts of analysts, in the nearest year-two it can rise in price too.

Conclusion: If you have purchased gold you can keep money from inflation during correct time and even to earn. Also the time interval on which you buy a gold ingot is important. There is still an alternative of an investment in gold, it is so-called ?the gold deposit?. Its advantage is in that besides growth of the price for gold you get every year some percent.

5) Currency

For fans of exotic it is possible to try to make a long-term investment in the steadiest world currencies. For today, experts recommend as those: the Norwegian and Swedish crones, the British pound. Lately the Norwegian currency even more often is called as “the best currency of the world? as the size of a reserve fund of the state in $350 billion in comparison with requirements of the country is almost inexhaustible. Besides some analysts assert that the Norwegian currency is underestimated at least on 25 % that it means in the future can grow in the price in relation to other world currencies.

The British pound though has risen in price on a level with other currencies, but has undergone less fluctuations and rate jumps, having proved to be the stablest monetary unit in comparison with the same dollar. Experts predict that till the end of the year the pound, probably; will become stronger on 15 %.

Conclusion: One of the cores a lack of rare currencies is the big difference between sale and purchasing rates (20-30 %). Therefore, even at good growth of the rate, the given high spread (difference), can lead such investment to losses.

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