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Business And Money Making: Great Methods Of Money Gaining And Investing

Stock price falling, rise in prices, native currency rate fluctuation to principal currencies, mistrust to banks and many other delights horrors of crisis have led to that many people ask a question: ?How it is possible successfully invest money during crisis?? Let’s talk about this theme.

1) the property

Just now it is a high time to look narrowly at purchasing of the ground area for construction of own house. The prices look invitingly. Now it is possible to purchase a site approximately on 30 % more cheaply, than last year. And probably to receive still the big discount paying with cash. Many sellers, having bought last year the earth on tick, in hope this year to sell at more expensive price are forced to get rid of a site at any price if only to cover the credit. In such cases, you in the right to receive a discount up to 50 % from last year’s cost.

Certainly, the majority of buyers don’t hasten with purchasing since they hope that it yet “bottom” and the prices will fall even lower. The rise in prices is predicted by analysts only after crediting restoration. And when it will occur – nobody knows.

Conclusion: investing money in the property with the purpose to earn on it is not the best idea. As already it has been told above, it is not absolutely clear, when this market will quicken, besides, after purchasing, it would seem on very beneficial price, the prices can give even more low. Only that it will be favorably if you buy a site for yourselves for the purpose of building on it.

2) Real estate

If it is enough personal means, it is possible to think of apartment purchasing. First of all it is possible to find advantageous offers in new buildings which are already placed in operation. Hoping that such apartments become cheaper in the future will be not necessary, since builders have already very strongly reduced the prices. For example, on a site of one known builder it is possible to purchase three-room apartment at the price of one-room one year ago.

Conclusion: that about one year practically there is no crediting, the most part of buildings is refrigerated and because of it, in the nearest few years demand in the market of primary habitation will exceed the offer. It follows from this that in future the prices for a primary market will promptly grow, i.e. the apartments purchased today will rise in price only and can bring in the quite good income at sale.

For a secondary market there is nothing to speak, many sellers don’t want to sell so cheaply, remembering as their apartment cost much one year ago.

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