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Business And Money Making: Confidential Marketing ? What Is This?

Confidential marketing ? a way to success!

So let us find out in this article of what it is and how we can use it for our business development!

Joe Gerar has got to the book of Guinness as the world-best seller of cars. Joe sold in ten times more machines, than the average seller and he sold machines not in lots, but separately. How he managed to reach such tops? He leaned against “confidential” marketing to come into personal contacts.

He sends to each of the clients twelve greeting cards in a year. He congratulates on all holidays of all clients of the list. Joe draws attention of potential customers and already available buyers approximately for 12 minutes in a year. He uses one minute every month unostentatiously to remind people that he hasn’t forgotten about them and that it is possible to deal with him. Using trust, he transforms strangers into friends. And, certainly, friends lead to him new clients.

If the client knows that from acquaintances the car is necessary to someone he without thinking will recommend coming to Joe. The person knows that its friend remains happy with Joe’s services, and he also is assured that in case of problems he will always help.

Joe spends for a reminder on some hours per day, but his entire career depends on them. Once, when Joe will retire and cards will cease to come, it is possible to swear that people will notice it, and thousand of people will miss it. The level of expectation created by Joe very high and messages essential and personal and consequently they work.

On Joe’s example it is visible how much effective can be email and direct marketing. It has constructed confidential system when clients are glad to his letters and messages. It has constituted the list of mailing.

Process of creation of the list of mailing is labor-consuming enough. Because of it many experts in marketing jump over stages of drawing up of the own list and buy it from other companies. Such step is erroneous. The plain error of that purchasing of the list and mailing of unclaimed offers to addressees represents anything other but spam.

Having constituted the list, you will know each client. Thus, sending to each client the message, you can make its individual where will consider experience of its last purchasing, residing area and so on. Unless it won’t increase percent of responses?!

The trust law is simple: that will as much as possible increase value of the list, you should raise the uniqueness and openness to a limit.

Don’t forget, the more special is the audience than especially expectational are messages and then the greater value your list possesses!

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