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Build A Free Small Business Website: Pluses And Minuses

Many are looking for ways on how to create a free business website today. You see, there are hundreds of benefits of doing dealing through the internet. One of the most obvious is that the entrepreneur will be spending less on overhead costs especially when it comes to marketing their products.

The question which nags at some people is if it is worth it to create a free business website compared to paying a hefty amount for it? Here is an impartial look at the issue.

Advantage: Free Design

There are various sites online which basically offers free website design. They have numerous templates which you can choose. From here, you will have to create a free business website by editing everything else. It will be possible for you to add photos and videos of your product and service, for instance. You can also change color themes, if the site allows you to do that as well.

Disadvantage: Limited Designs

Since these sites offer templates only, you would not be able to personalize to your heart’s content. For some online entrepreneurs, this would be enough. However, it will be difficult to reach out to your target market because you will definitely lack the edge that you need.

Advantage: Professional Look and Feel

All the templates and other gadgets that you may need to build a free business website are presented – the basic and relatively important ones, that is. These will do well for whatever business that you may have. Your prospective clients will look at it and be attracted to a certain degree.

Disadvantage: No Secure Transactions

However, you would not be able to do certain stuff which is important in business. For instance, these sites do not offer shopping carts. If you are selling something, you would not be able to do that when you build a free business website because transactions would not be made too secure. If you were only advertising something, a free site would suffice.

Advantage: No Cost in Hosting

Small business hosting costs is one of the things that some entrepreneurs today may find rather inconvenient. A month’s worth may cost up to $10, depending on which site you will choose. GoDaddy, Google and Yahoo are some of the hosting services which you may find online. But that is not the only thing that you will have to pay for. Getting a domain name is of great import – and you will have to pay for that every year too.

Disadvantage: Inability to Use Own Website Name

When you create a free business website through various site builders, you would not have to pay them for your domain name or hosting. However, you will not have your own domain name. That is not really beneficial especially if you want to earn from your site. Besides that, there are hundreds of advertising which will pop out of your site – and that can be pretty irritating for some.

Hopefully, you will get to decide on the matter especially if you are planning to do business through the internet. If you are sold to the idea which is to build a free business website, you must make sure that you will work a tad harder on marketing the goods or services on the internet.

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