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Broker Disclosure

In the auto transport world, the way in which the industry is structured mandates that customers use a brokerage to ship their vehicles. The fact of the matter is that most truck drivers do not have the time, capacity, or desire to handle the marketing and customer service aspects of the business. Drivers are out on the roadways constantly and rarely have an internet connection. So this opens an opportunity for brokers to handle the marketing and customer service aspects of the business.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this business model. Both the broker and the driver are sharing the profit of the transaction; however many transport brokerages fail to inform their customers that they are in fact brokering services. To avoid doing this, many have even purchased a transport truck or two in order to make the claim that they own their own trucks. So why is it such a dilemma to tell customers they are signing up for brokerage services?

In today?s world we have seen a movement toward self-service. We no longer pull up to the gas pump and expect to have our fuel pumped, windshield cleaned, and oil checked for us. As we flip through the television stations we see five different shows explaining how we can fix our own home. Many people have even migrated away from using a realtor to sell their home and posting it on instead. Though the costs are very real, not many people appreciate the costs involved in marketing and advertising. And with the advancements in technology, people would prefer an interface where they could ship their own car versus a customer service person.

Now that everyone is so accustomed to helping themselves, it is difficult to provide brokerage services to someone because most consumers feel like you are just another hoop to jump through. So how can we reveal the background on how the industry works without losing the customer? Many car shipping companies feel that it is simply easier to not tell the customer. The problem presented here is that customers will begin calling around to other brokers if their company cannot find a driver right away. Because this industry is so cut-throat, brokers are actually trying to discredit their competition to get the business of the customer. Once a competitor explains how the industry works, the original company loses its credibility.

My experience tells me that it is best to explain to consumers how the business works and be upfront about what your company will do for them. Because you are charging your customers for customer service, make sure they get their monies worth. By providing customers with the best experience possible, you will make them feel that they are valued and that your services were worth paying for. Many auto transport companies make you wait in long queues before allowing you to speak with someone. Most customers do not mind paying for exceptional customer service.

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