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Advertising Basics

Advertising Basics – Easy ways to start advertising

I really hope that the businesses who spend so much money advertising through local channels are reading this. Some businesses, I have noticed, need help when designing your ads.

As a small business advertising to consumers your goal should be to successfully communicate a message to a target audience. Most businesses find that it is not too difficult to design an effective message. To create an effective advertisement, you need to think about who you are trying to reach, design an ad that seems to resonate with that audience and give it a shot. The first part of that is crucial. You really need to think about your target audience and adapt your communication strategy to reach them.

Recently I have seen some ads that are so silly I feel turned off by the company. However, I do thank all the companies in town who at least try to communicate with their consumers. It is much worse to see companies who pay to communicate to local consumers and all they list is their contact information. I don?t get it. The only thing this does is remind customers that you exist. It does nothing to attract them to your business. If you are paying for the space to communicate a message why not try a little bit harder to effectively communicate with local consumers? And remember, it isn?t only about making a pretty ad. Although appearance does matter, it is more important to communicate the raw information that you want consumers to know. Try not to get too caught up in the background and border of what really matters. If you are thinking about paying a lot of money to just advertise your contact information email me and I will help you with your ad for free. I will do this for free for the first 10 people who email me. You can find my email address on my website.

My education is in economics. Economics teaches us that consumers will make the decisions that best benefit themselves. This means that the businesses that offer what consumers want will succeed and those that do not offer what consumers want will fail. However, I am sure that we all can think of businesses that had a great product or service but still failed. So, what went wrong? Well, one of the fundamental assumptions in economics is that ?all information? is available to discriminating consumers. Sadly this is a flawed assumption. If consumers knew more information like deals, discounts and specials, perhaps some of those failed businesses would have succeeded.

Although it is not possible to give consumers ?all information? it is possible to give consumers more information? much more information. My website is a place for businesses to COMMUNICATE with consumers and for consumers to be able to accurately see just what businesses are offering. The goal is to reward both the businesses and the consumers of Greeley. To help both audiences I have started a program that gives local businesses a free 45 day advertisement on our website. You can find out more information about it on our website

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