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Actions Of High-percentage Investment

Today we want to devote our article to the description of one of strategy of achievement of success in financial sphere. In the past we already discussed with you importance of accumulating of money, and today we will talk about not smaller importance of their savings and augmentation. At once we will stipulate one detail: we don’t mean accumulating, savings and augmentation of money for purchasing of the car or other techniques we speak about accumulating for the purpose of generating of a constant passive income from your savings.

So, if you having read one of our last articles or have independently made the decision on savings of money, it is necessarily necessary for you will take care of their preserving from fatal influence of inflation. Therefore we urgently recommend: don’t save up money under a mattress or still somewhere at home.

Before reception of personal knowledge in this area we would recommend to construct your investment strategy, being guided by the following scheme.

Actions 1

For the purpose of search of more suitable place for your money conduct search of monetary institutions. Further select from among other what reliable and high-yield (high-percentage) get under criterion. For greater confidence that your money won’t sink into oblivion, we don’t recommend to you to put up money in one financial organization. Find at least three. A little bit information: for efficiency of investment find your attention on:

Bank deposits with the replenishment right;

Credit unions;

Funds or other organizations engaged in operations with Share investment certificates;

Bank deposits without the replenishment right.

Action 2

Having selected from among other the most reliable bank which has offered to you most favorable condition of the opening of the deposit account with the right of replenishment, you begin as it is possible to fill up more often with its own savings.

Action 3

Among huge number of banks, also it is necessary for you to choose one, offering highest percent of the depositary contribution without the replenishment right, both proved as stable and reliable.

Action 4

In the same time, it is necessary for you to be engaged in search of the good and reliable credit union. Under definition “good and reliable” the credit unions insuring your contribution get is an indispensable condition! And, the important detail, the credit union and the insurance company should not beat the same registered organization, or to cope the same person. Interest rates of this or that credit union, no less than any other organization which you are going to entrust savings, should interest you in the second turn – the most important thing at the given stage – reliability and stability of their work. So if you have found it, perfectly so let us pass further.

Action 5

In parallel with search of the credit union, we need to be engaged in search and the analysis of activity of share investment funds which are engaged in operations on a securities market – actions, bonds, certificates etc. both that and another (both search and the analysis) it is possible to make with little effort with the help of Internet.

Action 6

On the expiry of the term of the bank deposit, the final sum saved up by you needs to be divided into three parts (in parity comprehensible personally to you, but taking into account a risk level).

Action 7

We invest received by us after the fifth action of a part in:

Selected earlier credit union (the most reliable, and offered the best depositary conditions);

The stablest and reliable SIF different besides also the highest level of growth of cost of certificates (you can learn this information from periodic reports of these organizations).

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