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A Marketing Consultant Will Help You Save A Lot Of Money!

Precisely because of the state of the economy these days many Small Business Owners are hesitant to hire a Marketing Consultant. Well little do they know that the current state of the economy is precisely the reason they need a Marketing Consultant. Think about it! The only reason to advertise is to get clients. When is it most difficult to acquire clients ? when the economy is good or when it is bad?

Marketing effectively both online and off line is a science but Small Business Owners think they are saving money by not using a Marketing Consultant. What they are really doing is wasting their time and money.

Just like a Medical Doctor, a Dentist or an Accounting professional Marketing Consultants are trained in what they do. The same reason you would go to a specific type of Doctor, Dentist or an Accountant for certain requirements is the same reason why you should go to a specific type of Marketing Consultant to make the best of your marketing dollars.

No matter how little you have to spend on marketing a good Marketing Consultant will know what works best for your category of business and how to stretch your Marketing budget better than you can in 90% of the cases. Are you ready to take a 1 out of 10 chance that you are marketing your business right and getting the most out of your marketing budget? Well in this economy you cannot afford to gamble with your livelihood like that. Yet many business owners do precisely that every single day without having a clue how dangerous their action is to the health of their business and their livelihood.

I will break that down. Say you spend $1,000 a month on Classified Ads and you get 50 new inquires and 5 new clients this way. That cost you $200 to get each client.

Let us say a good Marketing Consultant analyzes your business and realizes that you can spend $200 a month and get the same results by changing the focus of your ad and the number of words in your ad. They charged you $150 for the analysis so your savings was a total of $650. Do you have that kind of money to throw away each month? Or would you rather be saving that kind of money each month instead.

Get the Most Out of a Marketing Consultant
Where I sense many businesses run into problems with Marketing Consultants is they chose the wrong type of Marketing Consultant. Not all types of marketing Consultants work with every type of business. Just like not every doctor can perform heart or brain surgery you need to seek a specialist to fulfill your specific marketing need.

Now that you know that just like there are different types of Doctors, Dentists and Accountants that specialize in different aspects of their trade, Marketing Consultants also specializes in different aspects of marketing as well as the type of business and size of the business too.

If you do not know precisely what you need from a Marketing Consultant it is best to choose one that deals specifically with your type and size of business. This means that if you are a Micro or Small Business you need to find a Small Business Marketing Consultant.

This is usually easy to spot by checking out their website, but if I were you I would ask pertinent questions in the first consultation you do with them. This is usually free.

What You Need
Your aim is to get the most quality leads and therefore sales at the least cost possible. If you do not have the budget to sustain TV or Newspaper print ads do not let anyone talk you into it. As trying one or two ads in those arenas is usually a waste of money, because you are not able to financially sustain the ad campaign for a long enough time to make a lasting impact.

There are lots of other ways to acquire leads that are much cheaper. And the Internet makes that even more affordable so ideally you should be looking for a Small Business Marketing Consultant that specialize in web marketing consulting.

Marketing Consultants in your area that specializes in Marketing on the Internet should easily be found online. Simply go to your favorite Local Search Engine or Directory (like Yahoo Local or Merchant Circle) and search for ?Internet Marketing Company? in your area.

Again, you will easily see which would be best suited to your business by probing their website. And again you also need to verify that your hunch was right on the first meeting or consultation.

You also need to do your homework. You need to know what your monthly marketing budget is, and how many sales or new clients you would like to gain with that budget. The Marketing Consultant job is to tell you what is the best most cost effective way to go about it all after they analyze your business first.

You should never be afraid to meet with 3 or 4 different Marketing Consultants before you make a decision, it is your lively hood that is on the line.

The bottom line is, me being a Marketing Consultant I know that when the economy is rough that is the time to seek the best most cost effective specialist to help you navigate through all the perils that are out there. That is what Marketing Consultants are trained to do.

I say, barter if you need to but get a Marketing Consultant to help you in the next 30 days or less. Your staff, your clients and your family will thank you for it.

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