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You Should Know What Is The Good Art.

The best and beautiful things in the world cannot be mentioned or noticed, but can be felt from heart, mind, thought, languid memory or idea to the spectator at supervision of it. I think that the big art causes emotions. If it does not stir slowly something that they can tell that it is good, and there would be no few steps to give it the second sight. In my opinion the big art can be any style or techniques or skill level, but to prepare as big that it should create an activity significant amount in mind or heart of the spectator.

The big art can be concept or excellent skills of performance, which concerns thinking, heart, and soul of the spectator. Now questions arise in general mind what work of art is good? Does art teach us some new thing? Some people tell concept of art as independent and exclusive manufacture of activity, which have some special essence or qualities.

Painting should cause thought, memory or idea of the spectator. Let?s discuss one example. My aunt has a painting on her wall of a drawing room. Painting was about a vessel floating in the sea. A part of it was in water, and preservation still outside. It gives double value at supervision of it. Every time when relatives or friends see that painting, each person thinks in another way at supervision of that painting. Some say that the vessel sinks in the sea, and some say that it floats the sea, going from a typhoon. It makes the nature of the people, who are pessimists or optimists.

The prospect of each person is so various that is surprising or touching to one person, there can be a dust to another. However, painting transfers tons of messages to people. It is really true statement some of the best artists in the world, store their pictures very simple. They transfer one idea for once. There are too much ideas in one painting, they can complicate and mix understanding of the painting.

I personally have never received value from it, but somebody tells every time when he sees it, he receives something new from art works. Now it forces me to understand, that there is a true sense in art.

In simple words something you only cannot look away makes art works good. Something that you see, that strikes your soul to the depths, which opens your eyes and your mind to beauty of it.

Painting resembles poetry and it can cause the certain feelings, certain emotions within our souls at more primitive level. They have something that you cannot define, and something only outside of light of our marching fire. I think that good art – some thing that arrives to everything, teaching you, but the great art is internal talent; only few people have an ability to get it.

Next time you casually will come across the great artwork, do not allow yourself to miss it. Don?t be greedy and spend some dollars on it. Now it is in your hall fixed just to eternity. You will enjoy it for a long time.

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