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You Should Have A Clean HTML Code.

Any work must be done in the right way as you know. Results should be proper especially if many people are spectators in this case. And it directly refers to the development of sites, and in particular to some of the technologies used in this case. I mean HTML and CSS of course. If you deal with SEO copywriting then you should be aware of this.

As you know when browsing web pages, we usually do not think about HTML. Moreover we don?t look at the code at all. Of course an average user needn?t this. But the matter is that it is often important to look at the code to get some additional information about the creators of this website. HTML is like a mirror of skills, capabilities and desires belonging to the developer of the site.

Having analyzed the code you can easily find out how to make web pages. It?s a great opportunity to estimate somebody?s intelligence and knowledge. To help you understand my point of view I can give you another example. For example let?s take music. There are songs, written by one person with the help at a computer, using specialized programs. All the instruments he ?plays? by himself. He does not need a drummer with a sense of rhythm, he does not need a guitarist with a virtuosic technique, a bass guitar player. He also needn?t keyboards as well as other music instruments. He presses a button and the program itself plays music. In such a way it?s possible to create dance hits. But unfortunately such a sacred thing as creativity is absent in this case. The same refers to writing HTML code. The matter is that all these HTML editors are rather stupid creatures because they infest websites with goofy comments, unnecessary tags and so on. Perhaps in IE everything looks good but in other browsers such as Opera or Netscape another result might arise. I think you don?t know that there are special requirements for Opera and Netscape. But they really exist and you?d better learn them if you want to succeed with your SEO copywriting.

Creating an effective and accurate HTML code is a sort of art from my point of view. It?s exactly that activity where you can think solving curious puzzles. It?s especially essential when you create the site not for yourself but for someone. And there are sites with a very complicated structure, where adjusting HTML code takes half the time working on the whole site. But as a SEO copywriter you should be ready for this if you want to be praised by customers. To day even children learn HTML. Certainly you should learn this too. Moreover it won?t take much time.

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