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Why Article Marketing Works

There are literally hundreds of ways to build links, but few will continue to build links even after you move on. Article marketing should be a key component to anyones internet marketing campaign especially if they are struggling with building free web traffic. To get the most value out of article marketing you will need practice. Not only will this help with the article creation aspect of article marketing, but it will also speed the process of submission when you become familiar with the different top article directories. Speed during creation and submission will determine the amount of articles you will be able to market, but speed is not everything when trying to become successful with article marketing. One article can bring the traffic of thousands if it is top quality. A top quality article is something that will truly help your audience and will be full of information they are unable to find anywhere else. This is not nearly as easy as it sounds and will require you to learn as much as you can about your topic.

The first and most important step when wanting to begin article marketing is creating the article. This will be extremely difficult at first for those new to writing online. Personally it took around a year of writing consistently before I was able to write quality articles quickly. When you are trying to push out ideas about your niche it is important to keep plenty incoming. This means you should be reading more than you write until you are the expert. Once you reach the point where finding articles with new ideas becomes nearly impossible then you will be able to write and write without having to read just as much. Another reason article quality is important when article marketing is the way in which article marketing building links. Many thing that you only get links from the article directories you submit these articles to. This is only one source of backlinks from article marketing. The second source of links comes when webmasters and bloggers visit the article directories in search of quality content. If they come across your article and like what they see they will take and publish your article on their presence.

The second step of article marketing is submitting your articles to the different major article directories across the web. There are many automatic submission programs across the web, but I highly discourage the use of these. When it comes to article marketing manual submission is best because the chance of getting published will increase dramatically. Also there is no reason to submit to all the article directories across the web. The majority of article directories especially new ones will offer very little benefit. I recommend picking around 10 of the top article directories and submitting all of your content to them. This will ensure your content is put in front of the most publishers possible.

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