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Why Article Marketing Is So Powerful?

If you are doing the SEO to get highly targeted traffic to your web sites you have to be doing the article marketing. Traffic generation is an art itself, and many people look for the new sources of the targeted traffic every day.

It would be awesome to get the traffic as soon as possible, to save time and see the results (well, the sales from the web site really) immediately, however, this can only be achieved by advertising, and we all know that it needs budgets. Budgets, budgets, budgets?. The more you spend, the more you get? With advertising.

Now, the article marketing is surely not a new approach to driving the traffic to a web site, however it is extremely powerful and easy. The ideas behind it is simple ? to be ranked higher in the search engines, you need to increase ?authority? of your web site, and having a big number of relevant (thematic) back links to it can do the trick.

Not only links from the relevant web sites (those that are within your niche) and have good page rank, for example. But also, the right keywords that you are targeting to get higher in the search results. They should be the anchors of the links that point to your web site.

Articles are good for everybody ? you create and supply a fresh, thematic content to the internet, that many people find useful, and you also include your keywords (as anchors) to the web site you promote. In the first case, your article may draw personal attention of its readers, and, by this, increase your general ?organic? traffic.

But the most valuable one is the second of course ? once you have enough thematic links based on the keywords that people search, your site may be shown at the top of the search results (and that?s where the most of the search traffic really comes from). It?s the precious ?search engines organic traffic?, a swarm of people particularly interested in your web site topic. You would not imagine, how immense the difference between Google?s page 2 and 1 is for example. Not mentioning the very first search result ? it is simply precious, as it alone gets over 50% of all clicks.

A lot was said about the importance and effectiveness of the article marketing, but the problem of the article generation was always an issue. If you?re writing them yourself, you?ll find yourself pretty much exhausted after writing 20-30. Or it?ll take longer to write them every day (presumably, it will take around an hour for you to write a 700-800 words article). If you outsource it to a writer, you might end up paying a lot, as writers usually charge much more than pennies these days.

Spinning is time consuming too, if you didn?t realize that. Inserting the synonyms, even with the help of the software may turn spinning into a full time job. There are rumors that online services automate article marketing these days as much as possible, however experience varies ? varies on the needs. proved to be a good help to those that want to save and get their article written and spun. The ?SEO Push?, though not cheap, sounds like a fully outsourced solution in terms of the article marketing to. Thanks goodness, we live during the amazing times – the times of the Web. All we need to do is simply lift our ? and see what?s out there to help us succeed in the internet marketing. Article Marketing is ageless and it is here to stay.

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