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Ways To Automate Article Marketing For Faster Results

In this short article I want to go over how to automate article marketing to start getting the benefits from it faster. One problem many Internet marketers face is a lack of time.

When I first started I did not have a lot of extra time to spend on the Internet. That was actually one of the reasons I started an Internet business.

Some people have more time than money and article marketing is great as well. You can write and submit your own articles and the only expense you have is the time it takes to do it.

What if you are like I was? You have a little money to promote your business, but not much free time to write and submit articles. Article marketing can really pay off for you if you do it correctly.

1. Hire an article writer. You can find people to write articles for you for very little money. This is not always the best choice because the quality of these articles is not real good.

You can spend a little bit more and get very well written articles that are written with good English and free of spelling errors. You can then submit them in your free time and spread out the publish date. You could easily submit several articles in 1 hour on a Sunday afternoon.

2. Hire an outsourced employee. There are many workers you can hire from overseas to submit your articles for you.

For example, a Filipino worker could submit your articles and you would not have to pay more than $2-$4 an hour. They may not be able to write a good quality article, but they can submit them for you.

3. Use Submit Your Article. You can automate the submission of your articles to multiple article directories with the click of a button.

This is much faster than submitting them one at a time to individual directories. This service also reaches the top directories as well as hundreds of other article directories.

They also have a patented program called Article Leverage. You can create unique versions of your articles and use those in other ways such as blogging to get even more use out of one article.

4. Hire an article marketing company. There are companies that will write and submit your articles for you.

This is a great way to get the benefits of article marketing without doing any of the work yourself. It’s also an excellent way to develop a lot of backlinks to your site for long term traffic to make money online.

5. Hire a virtual assistant. There are many talented individuals now that are looking for work from home. You could hire one virtual assistant to handle your article marketing as well as other aspects of your business based on their qualifications.

These are several ideas on how you can automate article marketing for faster results. The key is to get as many articles in the marketplace in whatever manner is best for you based on your time and budget.

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