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If you ask any blogger who has seen at least some success they will tell you the value of original well written niche specific content. Article marketing is one of the best ways to build links and begin increasing website traffic. When you begin writing content one of the best ways to improve an online business is by publishing it on your presence first. This will allow your presence rank well for the article title term and ensure the traffic and income generated goes to you and your online business. The difficulty of article marketing is continually creating keyword rich content which is related to your niche. This may sound easy, but as days pass to weeks and weeks to months you will quickly find yourself running out of ideas for content. The purpose of this article will be to explore ways to continually think of new articles which will support your business. I recommend getting good at writing new articles rather than rewriting or buying a program to automatically rewrite your articles. Truly original content is priceless so don’t skimp when it comes to your online business and the content within.

When looking for ideas for articles remember they can be found anywhere and everywhere. One thing that will help you when it comes to article ideas is always keeping a paper and pen with you. Whenever you think of an article idea or title you can write it down ensuring you will not forget it. Some of my best ideas come when laying in bed so I usually get five or ten good titles each night. Also going outside to a park or somewhere quite is another great place where you have time to think of new ideas. Finding ideas should also be done with reading. The absolute best way to never run out of ideas is to bring more in than is coming out. You want to read more about your niche than you are writing. This will make sure your always on top anything new happening in your niche. It will also allow you to become familiar with all the competition and if they change anything up you will know. I don’t recommend stealing from competition, but if something is working for them you may be able to put your own touch on it and make it work for you.

Another thing that will help your article marketing is practice. Writing quality original articles is a skill which needs to be constantly worked on. When starting out your articles will more than likely be low quality, but with time they will get better and better. Even right out of school writing for the web is not something done in the real world. All the rules of writing no longer apply. You must find your voice making the style of your writing personal. This in itself is quite discouraged in college and high school. To take full advantage of the internet marketing aspects of article writing you will need to submit your articles to article directories. This is sometimes tricky trying to figure out which article directories are worth spending time on. During the first year or so when you are trying to build a nice link foundation it is a good idea to submit to all article directories you come across at least once. After you have submitted to all directories and you are submitting second articles only focus on top article directories.

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