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The Vietnamese Art Is Incredible!

Vietnam – the bright, tropical country located in heart of South East Asia. Except widespread destruction of agriculture, a city and rural infrastructure just as the industry, the former wars and their consequence also have mentioned art and cultural activity of the Vietnamese people to very big degree. Until recently, the Vietnamese artists were actually unknown out of the country. The majority of artists of Vietnam were not known within Vietnam also.

The Vietnamese art had long enough history. Since ancient times Vietnamese had a strong propensity for arts and culture. Painting and a sculpture in Vietnam had under influence the French Modernism and the Soviet Socialist Realism within almost hundred years. It has historical influences of profit from the Chinese painting and printmaking along with the Vietnamese tradition of the painter-poet of a landscape and figurative painting of a genre. Vietnam has old national traditions. Methods and styles often move within families from generation to generation in this country.

The first prosperity of the Vietnamese art has occurred to occurrence of culture of Dongson between 500 and 200 before century. The form of bronze architecture and the art extended then has been inspired by modern Chinese bronze art. Decorative motives have clear similarities to earlier Chinese products from bronze. Exclusive skill of manufacture and decorating in the Vietnamese art asserts that these parts represent among the first and finest of Southeast Asian works of art. It is the most obvious in huge and magnificent bronze drums, which can be noticed in museums both in Hanoi and in Saigon. If ever was good period of the Vietnamese art and architecture.

The strong theme of heroism and long struggle for freedom and independence invariably crept in the Vietnamese art and culture. Besides, the Vietnamese war and its experience in general have helped to forge communication among a lump, soldiers and arts and stories. War and its influence on those who participated from both parties, are brought to direct catching the public as they become true direct witnesses of military experience. Artworks and exhibits improves the chance, which gives possibility for weight to physically and to feel the past personally.

Artists in Vietnam had more limited possibilities of display of new aesthetic tendencies or socially critical art than in the majority of other countries. Repeatedly appearing after decades of turmoil, the country has been occupied, restoring damage since decades of war, surviving on the help from the foreign states. Reconstruction literary movement in Vietnam, which has begun in 1986, has reached the peak and yet has not ended. Varnish practice held a leading role everywhere on stories of the Vietnamese art and especially so, in 20th century Vietnam, when the new approach through color and the form was used to develop this hereditary techniques, to advance it as the aesthete, which is unique for Vietnam.

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