Online Campaigns, Online Advertisement and Common Sense

The Principles Of Online Article Marketing

Online article marketing services abound, but they all work on a single common principle, using a network of websites to host content that contain backlinks promoting clients? businesses. Choosing the right service can be a hit-or-miss affair, however, in that no online article marketing company will divulge its network of carefully cultivated websites. For one thing, no one wants their competitors to know which sites are theirs, but the most important reason is that search engines like Google are sure to penalize the sites for gaming the system.

The penalties can range from an outright ban of indefinite length (in the form of complete de-indexing) to significantly lowering the sites? ranking, none of which sanctions an online article marketing firm can afford to receive. But without a list of sites comprising their networks, there is no way to objectively evaluate how likely these companies might work for you. The only way to get even an inkling of whether such promotional services would work is to bite the proverbial bullet and pay up for a few months? membership.

It takes a few months to properly evaluate an online marketing service because results are often not immediate, even in the best-case scenarios. Search engines like Google use time as a factor in determining relevancy, for an established site is generally more trustworthy than something that was put up just the other night. Thus, the backlinks found in an article that is hosted by a brand-new site is usually assigned less ?weight? by the search engines than those in an article that?s found on an established site. Think the New York Times versus your personal blog: the same exact article may appear on both, but who do you think Google is going to rank higher ? much, much higher?

Of course, it?s all a lot more complicated than this (Google reportedly considers over ninety different factors in its search engine algorithm ? which it updates regularly). But the point of the matter is that article marketing online is mostly about the integrity of the network, its robustness, so choosing the right service, the right company with the right network, is paramount to success.

But, as already mentioned, there is no way to make an educated guess, as no company will release its network of websites. So to do web-based article marketing, you will need sufficient money to try out different services for a few months each in order to find the one company that really does work for you. In carrying out this little experiment, care should also be taken to isolate the different factors that may be involved in order to accurately determine what is responsible for your success! With patience and a little luck, marketing articles on the web should lead to increased sales and profits for your business within six months to half a year.

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