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Talking About The Content Of The Future.

Wise people say that everything in this world is eternal and standard and this circle is always closed. If you ignore the spiritual background, we can observe that this concept is almost always true. For example let?s take the Internet, which was created, as a university network. Originally it was the concept of hyperlinks specially created to simplify the perception of information. One can suspect that this is undoubtedly innovative. But this approach was initiated by reference books. Indeed, it often happens that when reading a book, I want to get related information, to clarify some issues and get some additional illustration. And as you know HTML carries out this task rather good. Another thing is that the Internet is increasingly becoming a commercial tool and as the result its initial informative function is being distorted to my great regret. For example, you might fail to find links leading to related information on a particular website. Certainly you can?t understand why your opportunities are limited in this case. But as for me there?s nothing surprising in this particular case. The matter is that the task of this site is to pursue commercial purposes and nothing else. This site mustn?t provide you with additional information and you should keep in mind. Thus, the original idea for the network is easy for any type of information but unfortunately this original form has been almost lost currently. Of course I know the entire humanity is dissatisfied with it. But we should take this fact for granted.

It goes without saying that people want to know what the interactive text will look like in the future. The growth of users at this stage goes at the same time with the development of search algorithms and, accordingly with increasing requirements for content. In the struggle for the visitors, webmasters have to lose their websites because they simply fail to meet the minimum requirements for their content. Therefore, their creation and support will be deprived of any meaning, despite the emergence of new technologies and as a result of new services. This process has already begun as you know. Recall the boom of home pages in the late 90′s, which quickly ended due to futility of support. They were replaced by blogs and in this case the lack of information was replaced by new web technologies. It?s obvious that this process will continue.

As the result of this process sooner or later we?ll come across a new standard of content for web resources. I suppose that it?s going to be the most informative content, the creation of which will be a very complicated process. Certainly, this task will be done only by teams of professional copywriters. We are waiting for the new web resources. So the network has returned to its roots. And we?ll get almost unlimited possibilities through improved technologies.

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