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Still Life Always Has Special Place Into Art Painting.

Peering into world around, getting by inquisitive mind into its laws, solving fascinating secrets of life, the artist better and also the multilaterally displays it in the art. He doesn?t only represent the world surrounding him, but also passes the understanding, the relation to the validity.

The history of addition and development of various genres of painting is the live certificate of indefatigable job of the human consciousness, aspiring to capture infinite variety of activity, aesthetically to comprehend it.

Still life is rather young genre. In Europe it has received independent value only in the seventeenth century. The history of development of still life is interesting and instructive.

Especially full and brightly the still life has blossomed in Flanders and the Netherlands. Its occurrence is connected with those revolutionary historical events in which result these countries, having received independence, in the beginning of seventeen century have taken way of bourgeois development. For Europe of that time it was the important and progressive phenomenon. Before art have opened new horizons. The historical conditions, new public relations directed and defined creative inquiries, changes in the decision of problems facing to the painter. Directly without representing of historical events, artists have in a new fashion looked at the world, have found new values in the person. Life has appeared before them from new relevancy and completeness. They were involved with features of national life, the native nature, prophetic, storing on them mark of works and days of simple people. From here, from conscious, deepened, system of the prompted interest to people?s life was born the isolated and independent genres of household picture, landscape; there was also still life.

The art of the still life, which has developed in the seventeenth century, has defined the basic qualities of this genre. The picture devoted to the world of things, told about the basic properties inherent in subjects, surrounding the person, opened the relation of the artist and the contemporary to that is represented, expressed character and completeness of knowledge of the validity. The painter passed material life of things, their volume, weight, the invoice, color, functional value of subjects of use, and their live communication with activity of the person.

The beauty and perfection of house utensils were defined not only their necessity, but also skill of their founder. In still life of revolutionary epoch of winning bourgeoisie was reflected the respect of the artist for new forms of national life of compatriots, respect for work.

Formulated in the seventeenth century, genre tasks in general existed at the European school up to the middle of the nineteenth century. However it doesn’t mean that artists didn’t put before themselves new tasks, mechanically repeating ready decisions.

Throughout epoch, varied not only methods and ways of the picturesque decision of still life, but art experience collected, in the course of formation developed more difficult and constantly enriched sight at the world. Not one subject as that, but its various properties became object of transformation, and through disclosing of again understood qualities of things was expressed the own, modern relation to the validity, revaluation of values, measure of understanding of reality.

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