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There are many webmasters across the web who don?t see the point of submitting articles to article directories. The webmasters who can?t write or really don?t like writing may not want to use article marketing in their internet marketing campaign. It is not mandatory to use any one type of internet marketing, but there is a unique way that article marketing can spread your presence and brand. When submitting articles you will have the chance to become a well known writer within your niche and rise in the search engines from the links that article marketing will bring. The webmasters out on the web that can and do write should consider creating a simple blog so they can earn money online from their writing. You can use a free blogging service such as or, but if you already have unlimited hosting you may want to consider adding a blog on the domain you already have up and running.

Now you can write an article and post it on your blog first so Google and the other major search engines will index the first version of the article on your web presence. What this will do is when someone types in the article title your article will come up on your presence and if you use Google Adsense or other monetization techniques to earn from the traffic you will earn the money your article brings from traffic rather than the article directories you submit to. Once the article published on your blog has been indexed by Google you can begin marketing the article in the different directories across the web. Personally right now I have my list of thirty top directories which I use when article marketing and I picked the article directories based on page rank and the no follow attribute removed from the authors resource.

People may think that this is a low number of directories to submit an article to and I would agree with them if I didn?t understand why article marketing is powerful. Your main links will not come from the article directories themselves, but rather publisher websites which will come to the directory take your article and publish it on their website with the authors resource that should contain links to your web presences. There are many webmasters who may fear spelling errors or grammar errors, but a simple word processor such as Microsoft Word will take care of the spelling and grammar. As you create the article or transform a blog post in to a format which you can submit to article directories there are several things you will need to add. The first thing under the title is adding a description of the article. In most cases article directories will want a summary that is under 250 characters. You should write two sentences explaining your article then under the description add around four keyterms. The last thing you should add at the end of your article is a resource box which should contain your name and two links towards your websites and blogs.

If you would like to start submitting to article directories check out this list of article directories.

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