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Some Thoughts About The Created Art.

The print, painting or other work of art do a work place, a blank wall in the house, places where people gather together. Art forces a place to grow and becomes more interesting because of energy, attention, and excitation, feeling that the work of art creates in our eyes and minds. A wall art decorates a work place, calms intense mind, and cleans one of the strained actions of day. Artworks should and can change our relations about a life. The created art is more than the simple fragment of figurative interpretation of the artist of our validity, it can change our prospect to lives and as we feel about it. So, consider painting, will study art in a museum, allow forms to projects, colors mention you. You will rejoice that you have received chance to feel it. It is the art world.

The majority of people enjoy the created art, but many also like to collect pictures, printing editions, wall art and projects. This activity brings them very much big pleasure. They reach personally to have a part of art, which they can consider at any time, they choose. That part belongs to them and only to them. Art patrons would not exchange that feeling of possession of a part of mind of that artist for something. All illustration should aspire to force to feel the spectator something. The artist should think that his art tries to tell and place that idea in work. Art – communications, the artist should remember it always. Whether is it a still life, flower, animal or landscape art, it should sustain test time.

Color plays a strong role in our lives; it forces us to feel energy in a life. All of us green color of wood is known and favorite, the redness of the nice have raised, dark blue color in a heavenly sky above. Color adds very much to a life. Old masters were skilled in use of colors. Colorful works grasp attention.

People wish artworks for the various reasons. Some only on visual qualities, another for other purpose and it is more, another for financial benefit. Only the first reason really inspires the artist to make his creations, but he is not offended by other reasons. He is a founder of art and divides these creations with that whoever wants them. More low the most general reasons for desire of art:

- Just pleasure – the majority of people likes to consider art.

- Statements commercial – artworks can be used to sell and help the industry.

- Therapeutic – many people say that the project and color has a favorable influence on them.

- A collecting subject – you can collect artworks for pleasure of it, getting work in a number, theme, etc.

- Investment – others can wish to buy art, which you have!!

- A gift – people like to receive a part of artworks.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on the created art. Artworks definitely have effect on me and many other people, and I am assured that they mention you. Look at it, feel art, enjoy it. Also remember, art – a life.

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