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Some Disadvantages Of SEO Copywriting.

In my previous articles I faced the question of SEO copywriting. As you remember I praised its evident advantages. Now it?s high time to illustrate its disadvantages which aren?t less evident unfortunately. So you as a copywriter should also take into consideration these disadvantages.

I should say that in most cases SEO copywriting only works for those searches that are not highly competitive such as those search words, which are used by many people to improve the search ranking of their websites. The most competitive are queries on topics casinos, sex, insurance, health, hotel booking and so on. Too many people struggle for high performance using these words. Correspondently this leads to the necessity of using more effective methods of promotion.

Of course you should take into account a possibility to use SEO copywriting. The matter is that not all websites are suited for SEO copywriting. Many web pages simply do not contain a sufficient amount of text and its increase could damage the design or the main concept of the site. Moreover, creators of sites with a sufficient amount of text, do not want to be forced to change the text on their pages only for the sake of web optimization.

Of course I can?t pass by such an essential factor as cost. If you want to limit the number of search words then it will be rather time-consuming for you. The work of professional SEO copywriters is considered to be rather expensive and therefore the cost of each page is quite high to my great regret. Since a page can contain only one or two search words, you will require changing a great number of pages in order to use all necessary search words. It?s rather tiresome isn?t it?

And what about attachment to the optimizer? What might happen if a particular site owner decides to change the text on the page already processed by a professional SEO copywriter? This can not be made without prejudice rather than an expensive work on web optimization that will result in downgrading from my point of view. By the way sometimes web optimization should be redone once again because satisfactory results can?t be guaranteed from the very beginning unfortunately. Are you ready to try this once again? God only knows, perhaps you are patient enough to overcome obstacles on your way.

If the page has been successfully optimized using SEO copywriting and it is in the top ten search results using targeted queries, then I can say that you?ve shelled out your heard earned money in the right way to your great luck. But if someone else decides to optimize the page of another site using the same search query then it?s another matter. If this optimization is successful and the page gets into the top of ten search results, the page at number 10 will be the page numbered 11 and will be already on the 2nd page of search results. As you can see there?s much to think about for you as a copywriter.

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