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Six Steps To Begin Paint Abstract Paintings.

The most wonderful thing in the abstract genre is that it stays free. There is a common opinion that abstract painting has no right or wrong way way of expression. The basis of abstract painting includes forms, lines, contrasts, colors, positions and tones. Nevertheless any artist is free to experiment. Actually there are some tips which can help you to approach this style of painting. These tips will help you to explore abstract painting and you will enjoy it very much.

The first tip — you must be free!
Try to get rid of all daily and boring thoughts, do not think of your daily duties. You can do the work about your house later, and actually after you express yourself any work will go easier. Through some cloths about the floor so you could create as freely as it is possible. Put on some old jeans and T-shirt (wear some old cloths which you feel comfortable in). And now try to remember what a great fun it was to make some painting when you a kid.

The second step — feel that you are the center. Your favorite music can help you very much. Choose some music which inspires you, which makes you “fly” Ger rid of the thoughts about your work, accounts, family responsibilities etc. You will think of all those later, you have enough time for that. Now breath deeply and think of the things which make you feel joy, sadness and prepare yourself to express these feelings.

The third step, actually it is the hardest, because you must not expect anything from the art. All your life you want to paint a perfect flower or a tree. Forget this wish, and if someone has ever told you that you couldn’t draw, forget about that too. You just enjoy the moment. There is a white canvas in front of you and if you want to cover that canvas as fast as it is possible, do that! You may start with covering the canvas by any single color, and then chose colors as you like or feel.

The fourth step — use more paint. You can put more paint on the brush, or do the painting with your own hands. Do not worry about anything! You can not do any mistake, this is just impossible. There are no mistakes in art. It is not necessary to wait till the first layer dry, apply another layer of paint on wet. This is a wonderful way to make a mythical abstract painting. Use any tools you have (your old tooth brush for example). To say in general do anything you like, “vanish” in your painting and see what you get.

The fifth step — stop! Stand back and look at your painting. Look out of the things which you do not like. Look at them for some time. Go to the kitchen, have a cup of coffee, phone to someone and then come back and look at it one more time. What do you see? You see an abstract painting.

The sixth step — identify what you have just painted. Do not look at the painting, look inside of it. What do you see? Do you see something what can be drawn out more? Ask your family and friends to say to you what they like in your painting and what they do not like. Do not hurry, look at your painting next day, you will see something new in it.

You have just made your first abstract painting! Congratulations!

There are still many things you have to learn about abstract paintings, but you have just made the most difficult and the most important step — you have started. The more you are “vanished” in the process the more it will inform you. Enjoy your paintings and it will bring you a lot of fun.

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